Behind the Release: Skeletons’ “People”

NEW YORK CITY: For their latest release, Skeletons have stripped back the flesh, eschewing their electronics-based approach to feature artful live performances of challenging new compositions.

Sometimes presenting stretches of sound that are as harrowing and disjointed as his band’s name implies, writer/guitarist/singer Matt Mehlan has struck a difficult balance, developing a sound that is at once mathy and emotive.

Over 40 minutes, People” plays with a sonic theme of chaos and release that Mehlan even suggests verbally on the second track, reminding us that “there is no calm without the storm.”

And the album’s first song stirs up quite a storm: surprisingly “Lil’ Rich” is, perhaps, one of the most distancing cuts on the entire record. An eerie acoustic guitar and haunting narrative give way to layers of relentlessly awkward rhythms and competing incidental sounds that grow out-of-control like unchecked fractals, before evaporating into sparse dissonance once again…

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