Made in New York: Anthony DeMaria Labs

NEW PALTZ, NY: Anthony DeMaria never intended to create an audio company. “In a way, it created me,” says the one-time wiz-kid turned entrepreneur.

ADL Anthony DeMaria LabsLike many makers of boutique audio electronics, DeMaria had little formal training to start, but found himself attracted to sound, organization, and work that demands fine manual dexterity.

“Although I didn’t have a lot of background with circuits, my father was a model-maker, and I think that influence made me comfortable working with my hands,” says DeMaria. “My first schematic was the [Teletronix] LA-2A, and I quickly found that I could turn out prototypes pretty immediately.”

From there, DeMaria would go on to streamline and expand his one-man operation, before teaming up with PreSonus to bring high-fidelity tube preamps to the masses, and then ultimately throw his chips back into the boutique world to develop a faithful recreation of the breathtakingly over-engineered, 20-tube, 14-transformer behemoth known at the Fairchild 670…

…Continue reading about the 670, as well as DeMaria’s recreations of the LA-2A and innovative new designs on SonicScoop.

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