Welcome to Your Sneak-Peak of “Trust Me, I’m A Scientist”!

Hello fellow Scientists!

Welcome to the the beta issue of “Trust Me, I’m A Scientist”, the world’s greatest music “Mlog”.

What’s a “Mlog”, you ask? Well, it’s a entirely fictitious new word that we made up just now. It also happens to describe our format: Instead of asking you to keep up with a stream of hastily-written daily announcements that exacerbate your ADD, we bring a magazine-style approach to the blogging world.

Once you sign up for our mailing list or RSS feed, we say hello once a month and steer you toward a new issue featuring a manageable handful of thoughtful, entertaining, well-researched articles from some of the engineers and music-makers on the planet.

You’ll find expert opinion, producer profiles, artist interviews, and tales of formative musical experiences from inside and outside the studio.

For now, feel free to cruise around the archives and read some of the most popular articles we’ve contributed to NYC’s music production magazine, SonicScoop. Fresh content produced just for you begins with issue #1, out August 1st 2011.

Thanks and enjoy!

Justin Colletti
Managing Editor

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