TMimaS Launches, is Honored With Its Very Own Theme Song: “Matter of Science”

Thanks for being here for the official launch of “Trust Me, I’m a Scientist”, the new music magazine that turns zero years old today! We’ve already had an incredible beta run, with over 1,000 visitors in the month of July.

Our inaugural August issue features four fresh new stories, as well as a full month’s worth of articles that managing editor Justin Colletti wrote for other outlets.

In This Issue You’ll Find:


But first, meet Baby Copperhead, the artist who’s provided TMimaS with its very own theme song, “Matter Of Science”:

Baby Copperhead is the alter ego of Brooklyn-based musician/composer Ben Lee. According to WNYC, “Lee’s specialty is taking the banjo and treating it with a sci-fi glaze, via an electronic sampler, trippy melodies and haunted vocals.”

We caught up with him in the park near his Brooklyn home to say thanks and ask a few questions.


According to Lee: "It was a baby that bit me."

TMimaS: Why the name Baby Copperhead?

BC: When I was a teenager, living in North Carolina, there were wooded areas all around. One day, I took a running jump over an empty creek bed and stumbled right into a nest of them. It was a baby that bit me.

They’re common out there. Later, I found out their venom is being touted  for cancer. It’s supposed to be able to stop the growth of cancer cells or something. It supposedly stops them from spreading. It’s gotta be true. I read it on Wikipedia! [Laughs]

TMimaS: Does that mean rubbing your head is like eating a piece of Broccoli?

BC: [Laughs] Probably. Depends on what kind of hair day I’m having. Generally, yes.

TMimaS: Thanks for this track. It’s really addictive, and perfectly suited. I especially love how hard-hitting and hypnotic it is when you play live. What’s “Matter Of Science” about?

BC: I was working at the Strand and came across this great big hardcover book called The History Of Invention. The idea came pretty quickly. I guess it’s this kind of dystopian look at technology.

TMimaS: So, do you ultimately think technology will destroy us or save us?

BC: Well I think it’ll save us if we don’t let it destroy us first.

There are some inventions I’m happy about. I just got an iPhone – Actually, it was given to me by an upgrading friend. That’s kind of helpful. It’s like always having this extra brain that knows things you don’t.

I think in ways we’re getting smarter. Overall at least.

Then there are things I don’t particularly like. Nuclear power plants for instance. Nuclear fission. Any kind of fission, really. [Laughs]

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