Pro Tools 10: Worth It?

Avid surprised many of their users with the recent release of Pro Tools 10. It came not even a full year after the announcement of Pro Tools 9, an update that had brought significantly more power to native systems.

Although version 9 was one of Pro Tools’ most expensive upgrades to date, it was fairly well-received, especially among native users. This group found that Avid had finally made good on some of their most long-standing requests, opening up basic features like auto delay compensation, MP3 bounce options and full-fledged Beat Detective to those without an HD card.

The latest release, Pro Tools 10, continues to close the gap between HD and Native, revamping the underlying system architecture and plug-in protocols to blur the lines between product categories even further.

Like its predecessor, PT 10 is one of the more costly audio releases from Avid. But unlike PT 9, the majority of immediate internet chatter seemed to be disparaging. Those of us in the pro audio field have come to expect a few groans and grumbles whenever the market leader gives studio owners yet another reason to part with more hard-earned cash, but this time, it was more than that.

While the detractors have some valid gripes, there are others who are genuinely excited about the new release. We’ll look at both sides and help you decide whether PT 10 is right for your studio.

Get our full story on Pro Tools 10 at SonicScoop.

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