Review: ADAM A5X Nearfield Studio Monitors

I’ve been a fan of ADAM speakers for years. Every company that makes studio monitors has its own idea about what’s most important in speaker design, and for my tastes, the designers at ADAM have always had their priorities in the right place.

Where some studio monitors aimed to impress and win quick sip-tests with hyped highs, and big, sloppy lows, ADAM focused on what mattered most to real mixers. Their lows were always tight, controlled and un-hyped. Their high end was smooth, extended and accurate, and their midrange was brutally honest – never scooped or gussied-up.

When the company sent me a pair of the new A5Xs to review, I was already prepared to like them. But I wasn’t prepared to be quite this impressed.

ADAM A5X Studio Monitor


Along with my high hopes for the new AX series came a healthy dose of skepticism. As an evangelical fan of the original S3A and A7, I didn’t really think the ADAM line needed to change much, and was worried that the company would lose sight of what made their products great as they tried to open up to an even wider market.

Although critics of the brand have claimed that ADAM’s original designs offered less bass, less sparkle, and a less flattering midrange than even some lower-priced studio monitors, I say remarks like these miss the point entirely. It’s precisely these qualities that made the best ADAM monitors such indispensable studio tools.

With the release of the AX and SX series of speakers, ADAM has responded to the market, and the look and sound of their ADAM has become glossier. Their new speakers go significantly deeper, higher, and louder. I was afraid these changes might dilute the mid-forward magic of ADAM’s original designs, but so far, they appear to have pulled it off…

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