Scientist Seeks New Contributors, Adds New Associate Editor

Hello and welcome to the February issue of Trust Me, I’m A Scientist.

New Associate Editor

The biggest new development this month is the addition of our new associate editor and “west coast bureau chief”, Blake Madden.

Blake is a musician who writes scores and plays in the fantastic Seattle synthrock outfit Hotels. He’s also the author of a novel and of articles including our very own profile of Joy Division producer Martin Hannett. This month, Blake examines the life, blockbusters and flops of director/composer John Carpenter.

WANTED: Peeple Who. CAn Rite GOod/

That’s right, Trust Me, I’m A Scientist is putting out a call for new contributors. If you think you have what it takes to write thoughtful, entertaining articles on music and sound, we want to hear from you.

In its first 6 month of operation, TMimaS grew to attract up to 10,000 visits a month and earn a mailing list of 2,000 serious producers, musicians and engineers. [October 2012 Update: Currently averaging 20,000 visits a month]

Now, we’re offering slots to outside music-makers who need a great platform for sharing unique long-form stories that just don’t fit in the mainstream magazines.

TMimaS is a labor of love and is currently volunteer-run, but thanks to our current rate of growth, we plan to become a paying market this time next year. Sign up now to join us and help to make this plan a reality.

Types of Stories Accepted

If you’re a musician, producer, engineer, music professional, or an artist who works with sound (and you enjoy writing) we want you to submit your story ideas.

TMimaS aims to act as a music magazine for music-makers with a gentle leaning toward studio recording. Story categories include:

  • Gear reviews, especially roundups of new products and compelling histories of classic instruments and equipment.
  • Trips into the vault that uncover important or under-appreciated records from the past.
  • Profiles of accomplished or innovative producers, engineers, musicians and designers.
  • Techniques, tips, tricks and “how to” guides.

Articles run between 1,500 and 4,000 words.  For more inspiration, see our most popular articles or peruse this very issue.

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