Behind the Release: Something – 5 Questions with Patrick Wimberly of Chairlift

Something is an unusual record. It’s atmospheric yet danceable, plaintive but poppy. Its sound sparkles with a lustrous coat of wax, but it’s unafraid to remain decidedly off-kilter if not a little weird.

Underneath the shimmering production are Caroline Polachek’s startlingly well-performed vocals and a good handful of strongly-written songs. Chairlift has gone through a major shift since 2008’s Does You Inspire You, losing songwriter, key member, and Polachek’s now-ex-boyfriend, Aaron Pfenning.

Since then, bassist Patrick Wimberly has stepped further forward to sharing central duties with Polachek. He’s also helped craft the album’s memorable soundscape and is credited in the liner notes as a bassist, drummer, guitarist, sequencer and engineer. Wimberly set aside a few minutes while touring overseas to talk to us about their new release.

OK, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first: Pros and Cons of being in an iPod commercial. Go.

…Read the entire Chairlift interview on SonicScoop.

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