The Best Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mics for $300

I started working as an audio engineer just as the home studio market began to blossom into what it is today.

This means that throughout my career, I’ve been as much of a counselor as a craftsperson, because so many of my clients spend nearly as much time recording at home as they do working with me in conventional studios.

I get calls every week for help with everything from key commands to console routing, but out of all the advice I’m asked for, the number one question might be: “I’m just starting to record at home. I have X dollars to spend and want a Y-style microphone. Which one should I buy?”

Category #1: The $300 Condenser

AT4050One of the most common requests from musicians just beginning to self record is for a recommendation of an entry level large-diaphragm condenser, at price of about $300.

I’m not sure why this is such a popular request, and my first instinct is usually to ask why they’re so sure they want an LDC, and why at that price.

For about the same amount, some of the best dynamic mics ever made are viable choices for many voices and instruments.  And for just a bit more, there are a slew of small and large diaphragm condensers that would be a welcome addition to any commercial studio.

But that’s a topic for a whole separate article. The question of the $300 condenser comes up a lot, and it deserves a straight answer. It’s true that a home recordist with an inexpensive dynamic mic, an affordable condenser, and a halfway decent interface can cover a lot of ground – given patience, taste, some kickass music and maybe just a little bit of help now and then.

Here are few of the low-priced condensers I’ve encountered several times without developing the urge to throw them out a window.

Click to start with $300 condenser #1 on Sonic Scoop

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