The Best of Both Worlds: “Mid-Fi” Recording with DIIV & Daniel James Schlett

Daniel James Schlett is probably one of the best engineers I know under age thirty. I don’t say this because he works out of one of my favorite studios, Brooklyn’s Strange Weather Recording, but in spite of it. The more work he gets, the harder it is for me to book the place for myself.

Schlett is barely past twenty-five, tall and lanky with an easygoing smile and a penchant for inconspicuous dabs of fluorescent color in his wardrobe. He has an affinity for gritty world music, obscure Vangelis b-sides, incomprehensible noise-rock and gratifying dub flourishes. He’s also a veritable dinosaur connoisseur, with a tattoo of a stegosaurus on his left arm.

A couple months ago, he was busy assisting Nigel Godrich on the new Here We Go Magic album during their stint at Strange Weather. I demanded that he feed me all of the legendary Beck /Radiohead producer’s best tricks. He did, and regrettably, I’m sworn not to share any of them with you here.

When I met up with him at the studio, Schlett was just back from tour with Nerve and DJ Shadow, and in the middle of finishing mixes for the full-length debut from a band called DIIV.

Click here to read about DIIV and Daniel James’ Schlett’s Mid-Fi approach to making records on SonicScoop.

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