A Guide to Popular Studio Headphones

Headphones are more popular now than ever – And today’s music fans aren’t just listening on cheap earbuds.

Although the consumer audio sector didn’t perform particularly well in the great recession, Hi-Fi headphones were the one category to boldly defy that trend. While the rest of the market dropped by 14% sales of headphones grew 25% in the UK in 2011 alone.

The average cost of headphones has been rising as well. In the US, sales of headphones priced over $100 has more than doubled, adding over $200 million in new revenue to the market. Unfortunately, some of us audio geeks may think our listeners’ priorities can be misplaced at times. 54% of consumers said that the “brand” of headphones was “very important” in their choice, while only 48% said the same for “sound quality.”

But before we get all high and mighty, let’s take a look at what headphones we’ve been listening on in the studio, and then evaluate where they serve us well – and where they don’t…

Click here to read our complete headphone guide on SonicScoop.

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