NYC Indie Labels: Temporary Residence Limited

Temporary Residence Limited is a record label that has defied most of the recent trends in the music industry. As record sales deflated during the first decade of the twentieth century, Jeremy deVine and the bands at his label enjoyed their greatest spurts of growth. And, in a business that’s been moving steadily toward download sales, fans of Temporary Residence Limited still overwhelmingly prefer to buy their music on physical formats.

“Perception is often very far from reality,” says label owner Jeremy deVine. “Generally, it’s way cooler to have a vinyl record with a download on your merch table than it is to have a CD, so you might hear a touring artist say something like ‘fans don’t care about CDs anymore.’ But for us, CDs are still about 70% of our total sales.”

When he adds vinyl and CDs together, deVine says physical sales account for around 80% of the business at Temporary Residence. This is a significantly greater proportion than in the rest of the industry, and it’s not because fans of TRL are luddites.

“A huge part of it is that we’ve always been obsessive about the packaging – about the overall look and feel and presentation of the music.”

“Downloads are great too, and even I don’t care about the album artwork when I’m listening to music on my iPod. But even though that’s how I listen to music, that’s not how I consume music – if that makes sense. I get that a lot of people don’t care about packaging. But I do, and a lot of other people do as well. That’s who we’ve chosen to cater to…

Click here to read TRL’s full story on SonicScoop.

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