The Best Extreme and Unusual Compressor Plugins

For years there have been plenty of compressors plugins on the market that offer tremendously clean and transparent dynamic control. Later on came countless emulations of the classics, which seem have to become progressively more convincing with each iteration.

But what about compressors that offer something a little more extreme and out-of-the-ordinary? Sure, a Fairchild or 1176 emulation can do interesting things when you set it to stun, but what about those unusual tools that can deliver aggressive, bold, unexpected and tone-bending results that other compressors can’t?  Here’s our short list of 5 recent plugins that can help you create sounds you never thought possible.

The Omnipressor by Eventide

Eventide Ominpressor

Today, hardware versions of the classic Eventide Omnipressor are rare, and often difficult to repair. Back in 1971, the Omnipressor offered a unique take on dynamics processing, and it wasn’t until the past few years that some of the most uncommon features of this mysterious tone-bender inspired fresh new product designs.

Quite plainly, the Omnipressor can do things that no other dynamics processor can. In place of a traditional ratio knob, this unit has a unique “function” control. Its continuously variable settings begin at hard gating in the left-most position, and as you turn the knob clockwise the Omnipressor moves through soft expansion, compression, hard limiting, and finally, even negative compression ratios

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