Before The Storm: South Sound, Translator Audio and The Civil Defense

South Sound has just been decimated by hurricane Sandy. See what it looked like during it’s grand opening party, mere weeks before the storm. From The original article, October 18th 2012:

Translator’s new control room at The South Sound

Over the past ten or fifteen years, we’ve witnessed the indelible rise of a Do-It-Yourself ethos in the music industry.

But for all the benefits of that philosophy, it appears that as the music industry and the general economy finally emerge from a multi-year slump, the careers that have grown, flourished, or even just held their ground, have rarely belonged to those who have decided to “go it alone.”

Instead, the people who have been thriving in the new music business are increasingly those who have sought allies and founded meaningful communities. And that trend is continuing to grow.

Click through to see this promising new space just before the storm.

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