GEARPORN ALERT: Vintage Mic Photo Shoot at Sear Sound

This month, we helped design the back page for the upcoming issue of Performer magazine and their “Gear Flashback” series. What better place to start than with a mic we know a little something about, the AKG C 414?.

Below is a sneak peak of some of the outtakes from that photo shoot. The good people at the legendary Sear Sound were kind enough to let us snap some photographs of their extensive microphone collection.

Their studio is virtually a working museum of some them best and most esoteric microphones in history, and they’re kept in continuous working order by a regular staff.

Photographer Garrett Shore took these stunning high-resolution images, including a photo of the coveted AKG C 12, which turns 60 this year. Look for a story on that, coming soon.

AKG C12a

Here is the AKG C 12a, a compact tube condenser microphone that served as an intermediary between the iconic C 12 and the ever-popular C 414. In this photo we can see the brass-ringed CK-12 capsule, fully exposed.


AKG C12a #2

This angle shows the serial number of the C 12a and reveals a small fraction of the mics in Sear's collection: An ELAM 251, an AKG C12 and C24, an RCA77 and Neumann U47 and U87, among others.


C12a meets C414 BULS

Here we see the C 12a next to the near-ubiquitous C 414 BULS, one of the most popular professional condenser mics of all time. The C 12a required a separate power supply to house many of its electronics. Under the hood of the 414 BULS we can see the full extent of its circuitry. As time went on, additional, smaller components were added to reduce signal-to-noise and improve SPL handling. Note the BULS model's small transformer and teflon-ringed capsule, the 2072 Z.


AKG C 12

And here is the mic that started it all: The legendary AKG C 12 microphone which turns 60 this year. It's still one of the best-sounding microphone designs of all time. These mics were hand-tuned and have all been handled differently with age, so response can vary from unit-to-unit. But overall, they are characterized by a smooth, even midrange and an airy "lift" up above 10kHz.



AKG C 12 a Undressed

Damn, that is one handsome microphone.


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