New Studio Review: Strange Weather, Brooklyn

Generally, I try to stay objective when I write about new studios. But when it comes to East Williamsburg’s Strange Weather recording, I just wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I neglected to mention that it’s one of my favorite studios in New York. By extension, I suppose that makes it among my favorite recording rooms in the world.

Strange Weather Live Room

Everything about Strange Weather is likeable in my book: The design, the people, the gear, the philosophy. Even the rate is fair. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that the more I talk about it, the more booked up it seems to get, making it increasingly complicated to schedule sessions there for myself. The last time I booked a new project, I had to settle on a date almost 8 weeks out. But like most great things, it’s well worth the wait.

Of course, I should hardly complain. If anyone knows about waiting for great things, it’s Strange Weather’s owner, Marc Alan Goodman. This new studio, which finally opened early this year, was almost three years in the making. This long lead-up time was the product of countless unexpected setbacks and endless red tape that Goodman dutifully documented in a construction blog for this very publication.

Patience though, pays off. His newest room, designed by acoustician Wes Lachot, is the culmination of a line of six studios all by the same name, and it puts any of those earlier incarnations to shame. Goodman, who had spent the past decade engineering, assisting, and amassing esoteric high-end gear that he stuffed into overflowing equipment racks at a succession of cramped, makeshift studios, finally has a little sonic palace to call home for the long haul…

Read more about the new Strange Weather recording studio on SonicScoop.

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