The Anatomy of a Studio Guitar

Guitars, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Also much like people, when you look beneath the surface, they’re all made of the same stuff: In this case, wood, metal, plastic and curves.

Les Paul Standard

For all the bewildering variation you may encounter in the wide world of guitars, there are but a manageable handful of variables that have a significant effect on tone. Because of this, getting deeply familiar with the basic anatomy of a guitar can simplify choices in the very best sense.

But getting to know what guitars are made of can have the opposite effect as well: You may some day find yourself playing two instruments that look similar but sound and feel like different beasts.

Knowing what a guitar is made of can enhance your appreciation of the subtle differences that give each instrument its personality. In this way, a little knowledge around the anatomy of a guitar can also make the world of tone seem more complex, more interesting and engaging.

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