AAX and Pro Tools 11: Which Plugins are Compatible and Which Aren’t

Pro Tools 11 is out now, and some users are already adopting early. However, one concern with the new platform is that some plugin developers have not yet ported their software over to PT 11?s new second generation AAX protocol, which runs now at 64-bits.

Have your favorite plugins made been updated yet?

As of press time, a huge number of major plugins are already available – especially in Native – but there are a few key exceptions that might make users wait a tick before getting on board.

Fortunately, anyone who purchases PT 11 also gets a PT 10 license from Avid, and the ability to install both versions on their machine, which should help users get by until even more plugins become available for the new version of Pro Tools…

Click here to read more about which plugins are compatible with Pro Tools 11.

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