Drum Mic Techniques, Part III: Placing Room Mics

MicVideo_thumbGet off those laptop speakers and switch your video stream to HD. We’re back for the 3rd installment in our new series on drum mic techniques.

This video takes place at Strange Weather Brooklyn, and is filmed by Elias Gwinn of Velidoxi and the recording studio documentary series, “Masters From Their Day.” (If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.)

In this clip, you’ll hear examples of room mics used in a real-world context: Blended in loud over some basic close mics. Once again, we’ll be using a set of microphones provided by Sennheiser, this time focusing on the e914 small-diaphragm condenser mic.

All the clips are presented with no EQ, compression, or effects processing of any kind. If you’d like to hear what these close mics sound like without the room mics blended in, refer to the “Mono Overhead” example from the first episode in this series.

Stay tuned for more free sound and video clips on microphone techniques, and a full-featured drum mic’ing course coming in the near future.

Click to watch Part I on Overhead Mic Placements, or Part II, on Close Mics Techniques. Or, find out more about Sennheiser’s Evolution Series microphones, which were used in all of these videos.

Justin Colletti is a producer/engineer, journalist, and educator.

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