“Scientist” Editor Launches New Daily Blog. (And it’s good.)

Hey all,

Thanks for tuning in for another issue of Trust Me, I’m a Scientist, your favorite facetiously-titled, once-monthly, web-only magazine about the art, science and economics of music and sound.

(Word to the wise: It’s easy to be the best when you get to narrow things down pick what you have to be the best at.)

This month’s issue is devoted to tackling that elephant in the room: Social media, and how to use it without going insane or wasting the most productive hours of your life.

I am also writing to you today to do some shameless self promotion:

I have a new blog.

Justin Colletti. What an ego!

This is me, looking like a dork.

It’s daily.

It’s timely.

It’s topical.

It exists so that you don’t have to put up with me randomly spewing my thoughts all over social media.

It tackles subjects including music, business, writing, ethics, self-improvement, existing and emerging science, and known principles of economics.

It’s informed by painstaking research, and it is often filled with opinion: Mostly, the opinion that you are an adult and deserve to be treated like one.

(Unless you’re not. In which case, read Cracked and The OnionThey’re very funny, and will make you a better person. And okay, I lied: Adults like reading those things too. I know I do.)

Already in this new daily blog, you can read about “talent“, habits, equality, greed, making money from music, how to avoid political arguments, housing market dynamics, the length of copyright terms (and reasonable exceptions to them), freedom of speech (and how to cope with it), what you can learn from looking out of the window of a plane, and my new personal policy on social media.

In case you’re interested in that last one, here it is:

I welcome and read all social media comments. I do not respond to them.
Sorry, there’s just too many of them to do it justice. I’d rather take your feedback and work it into a future article or post.

I welcome, read, and respond to all personal emails.
Every single one. (Unless you’re being a total jerk.) If you want to figure out how to contact me, you can, and quite easily. It might take a few clicks, but you are man (or woman) enough to handle it.

I use social media for three purposes and three purposes only:
#1 Broadcasting new articles and blog posts.

If I have “something to say to the world”, that will got into my work, my art, or both, as sweet jebus intended. I recommend you do the same.

#2 Accessing a daily feed of carefullycurated news, culture and information outlets.
This will include posts from a very small number of friends and acquaintances, particularly those who don’t confuse legitimate questions and statements in the territory of science and economics with quasi-religious battles over political worldview.

#3 As a” jumping-off” point for connecting with friends, acquaintances and aspirational contacts whom I trust, respect and admire.
If someone posts something that I find inspiring or likeable, I will write them a personal message, email, text, or god forbid, give them a call on the phone.

Those are my rules for myself. What are yours?

I hope that you’ll read along with my new blog, whether daily, or from time to time. But that choice is yours. The posts will sometimes be fairly long, and sometimes quite brief. What I can promise is that no matter what, I’ll try to make them as tight and concise as I am able.

Thanks as always, for reading.

Justin Colletti is a writer, an educator, and a producer/engineer who now specializes in mastering.

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