NYC Indie Labels: Captured Tracks — Instinct, Intellect, and Artistic Expansion

Mike Sniper started the indie label Captured Tracks in 2008, working nights out of the basement of Williamsburg’s Academy Records, which he helped run during the day. Within a year, he’d be putting out a constant stream of new releases.

“Oshin” by Captured Tracks artist, DIIV.

“Oshin” by Captured Tracks artist, DIIV.

Although 2009 was an especially rocky year for the global economy, that didn’t slow things down for Captured Tracks at all. Sniper put out music at a near-frenetic pace, releasing more than 30 new recordings that first year, followed by about 50 releases each in 2010 and 2011…

Read more about Captured Tracks on Sonic Scoop.

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