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MicVideo_thumbOne of my personal goals for the new year was to try writing a daily blog to see how I’d like it. So, in 40 days, from December 20th to January 30th, I wrote 40 blog posts.

(Okay technically, those dates are 42 days apart. I did take 2 days off one weekend just to even things out, and to see how taking a weekend break would feel.)

It’s been a fantastic habit, and I’d recommend it to anyone. If you ever do write a personal blog, it doesn’t really matter if anyone reads it. In addition to driving traffic to your own personal website if you choose to make it public, a blog helps you organize your thoughts, find healthy rituals, avoid social media overdose, and even attract new clients and opportunities.

Having met the goal I set, I can’t say if I’ll keep the habit up as rigorously as I have been. This is in part because daily blogging has been so effective in driving traffic and attracting new opportunities, that I’m not sure I’ll still have the time to do it justice at the same 7-day-a-week pace I took over the past 40 days.

You may see more from my personal blog in the future, but until then, I invite you to enjoy any one of a few favorites from the past few weeks:

There are also big developments coming to Scientist soon. Our posting schedule, and a whole lot more, will be changing in the coming months. For the better, I think. Stay tuned.

Justin Colletti is an audio engineer, educator, and journalist.

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