Trust Me, I’m A Scientist was launched in July 2011 as a non-commercial “music magazine for people who make music.” Within its first 6 months of operation, it went from 0 to 10,000 monthly reads. By 18 months, it reached about 30,000 and began accepting support from advertisers for the first time. (As of September 2013, traffic is closer to 70,000/month)

Issues come out on the first Monday of every month, and feature expert opinion, producer profiles, record reviews, artist interviews, and tales of formative musical experiences – from inside the studio and out.

Trust Me, I’m A Scientist is updated by editor-in-chief Justin Colletti and associate editor Blake Madden, and publishes stories from some of the smartest music-makers and fans from across the globe.

Want to get paid to write for us? Great! We have only two rules: 1) Articles should be relevant to an audience of musicians, producers, engineers and other creative professionals and 2) Extraordinary claims should be supported by extraordinary evidence.

Check the front page on the first Monday of every month for an all-new issue, or use the navigation bar above to browse through the archives.

If you have questions or feedback, contact us via email. We currently do not maintain a “comments” section, and instead publish the most insightful letters from our readers each quarter.

Who’s reading TMimaS?

TMimaS has over 2,000 email subscribers and gets an average of over 70,000 monthly hits through direct traffic and RSS feeds. Regular readers include high-profile musicians, producers, engineers, designers and managers, as well as aspiring pros, brilliant hobbyists, ardent fans, and everyone in between.

Here are a few of the things you’ve been saying so far:

“Relentlessly tasteful and interesting.”
-Chad Clark [Beauty Pill, Fugazi, Marc Ribot]

“Nice to know there’s still some hope left in the music biz. Another awesome article by Justin Colletti.”
-Heba Kadry [At The Drive In, Sea and Cake, The Lodge NYC]

“A great ‘signal-to-noise’ ratio. It’s really all signal.”
-Damian Taylor [Bjork, The Prodigy, Arcade Fire]

“AWESOME issue Justin. Really impressed. I’m a fan.”
-Tony Maimome [Pere Ubu, Frank Black, They Might Be Giants]

“Loved your Brooklyn studio articles. A lot of great info in there.”
-John Congleton [St. Vincent, Modest Mouse, Erykah Badu]

“I love what you are doing and the quality of the writing. Keep it up.”
-Fabrice “Fab” Dupont [Brazilian Girls, Marc Ronson, Isaac Hayes]

“The best article I’ve read on iTunes Mastering yet.”
-James Beaudreau [Masterdisk]

“Nice article on Spotify! I have to look at your website more often.”
-Irene Trudel [Senior Broadcast Engineer and Technical Director, WNYC’s Soundcheck]

“Justin Colletti engineers magic and has the patience of a saint.”
-Ana Breton [Dead Leaf Echo, Mahogany]

-Larry Crane [Tape Op Magazine, Elliot Smith, Sleater-Kinney]

“This issue was phenomenal. Incredibly well written, pleasantly confident, positive and full of wonderfully insightful commentary that if printed on paper could easily fill 100 fortune cookies.”
-Nick Krever, Musician/Artist/Music Video Werewolf

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