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Analog Analogs: Approximating Vintage Sounds In the Box

Universal Audio's Ampex ATR-102 Emulation

For many, the age of digital audio is also an age of analog nostalgia. Despite the ever-increasing quality of digital audio systems, all those decades of listening to the non-linearities of tubes, transformers, and tape have biased our ears in favor of older, more colored, and more costly recording methods. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer of […]

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Mixing By Ear: Audio Accessibility For the Visually Impaired


This is a guest post by engineer, sound designer and producer, Gavin Skal. As an engineer who has grown up in the DAW age, I’m accustomed to hearing the sage advice to “Mix with your ears, not your eyes.” It’s a good rule to work by, but in the world of Pro Tools, many audio […]

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