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From the Vaults: The Ventures Live In Japan ’65

The year is 1965 and a small battalion of teenagers waits at the airport. In mere moments, cameras will capture a portrait of them as screaming fans, elbowing their way ahead of one another, hoping to reach the front ropes and welcome the exciting new cultural force that has just touched down. Four young men […]

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“The Mad Genius of Manchester”: A Profile of Producer Martin Hannett

This is a guest post by musician and author Blake Madden. Joy Division was something of an anomaly. Existing for fewer than four years and releasing only two albums in 1979 and 1980, the band continues to remain intriguing, relevant, and influential to new generations of musicians and fans. The tragic suicide of singer Ian […]

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Avoiding Crimes Against Speakers: 3 Tips from a Mastering Engineer

In this guest post, Scott Craggs of Old Colony Mastering provides an easy pre-mastering checklist to help improve any mix. As a mastering engineer, I’m pretty convinced I have the best job in the world. I get to sit in a comfy chair in an air-conditioned room, listening to cool new music on really expensive […]

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Studio Skillset: Drum Tuning Essentials

Great drum sounds start with great-sounding drums. Today, we have more tools than ever to aid us in creating compelling drums sounds. So why is it still so rare and startlingly satisfying to hear great-sounding drum recordings? The truth is that few drummers (and even fewer engineers) have developed a sense for tuning drums to […]

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Behind the Release: Booker T. Jones’ The Road From Memphis

From the beginning of our conversation, engineer Gabe Roth’s tone is decisive: “To me, Booker T. Jones is an institution, man. As an essential part of the MGs he not only backed on, but also wrote and produced hundreds of great recordings. I find records all the time with his name on them in one […]

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Made in NY: Tech 21

It’s easy to forget just how novel the concept of amp simulation was when Andrew Barta launched Tech 21. In many ways, his inaugural SansAmp pedal was an unprecedented design. It was a stompbox that was more interested in helping players sculpt a tone than in delivering a discernible “effect.” And in an era when […]

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Producer Profile: Alex Newport

“I try my best to take each project on a completely individual level,” says Producer/Engineer Alex Newport. It’s the only method that makes sense for a man who began his career playing uncategorizable sludge metal with Fudge Tunnel in 1989 and ended up earning a “Best Alternative Album” nod at the 2009 Grammys for his role […]

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