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Behind The Release: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hysterical

The self-released indie rock band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were celebrated by the blogosphere, then shunned. They’re back with what may be their most masterful record. But will listeners notice this time around? In the summer of 2005, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah emerged and became a case study in how to succeed as […]

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Made In NY: Ronin Applied Sciences

One of the most crowded booths at the year’s AES convention was also one of its smallest. Almost everything about these few dozen square feet, nestled deep in back rows of the trade-show floor, was memorable: From the single microphone on display, to the rigid black business cards, to the perpetual queue of onlookers, and […]

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Pro Tools 10: Worth It?

Avid surprised many of their users with the recent release of Pro Tools 10. It came not even a full year after the announcement of Pro Tools 9, an update that had brought significantly more power to native systems. Although version 9 was one of Pro Tools’ most expensive upgrades to date, it was fairly […]

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Reports of the Death of the CD Are Greatly Exaggerated

A few weeks ago, several minor online media outlets ran with the dubious story that the major labels plan to eliminate the production of CDs by the end of 2012. This claim originated at Side-Line, an online music magazine that appears to be committed to sloppy journalism and even sloppier writing. In an article that […]

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Christmas Albums That You’d Expect To Be Totally Badass, But Are Actually Okay At Best.

We already know that a lot of Christmas music is terrible. That’s not a problem. What is a problem is when a few potentially awesome albums promise to raise our spirits only to let us down. Al Green – White Christmas Al Green, soulfully singing about Christmas? Excellent! This just might be counter-intuitive enough to […]

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Can We Stop Online Piracy Without Censoring The Internet?

In late October of this year, a bipartisan team from the House of Representatives introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act. This bill, known as SOPA, immediately found champions in business and labor alike. Soon, the US Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO were both lobbying Congress to quickly pass the legislation, promising it would create […]

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The Best Christmas Albums In The History Of The Universe


(Or at least, 20th Century America) Every culture that has developed far enough from the equator to take  the idea of “four seasons” seriously, has developed some kind of festival of lights. In America, perhaps moreso than anywhere else, we’ve succeeded at melting some of the best aspects of the world’s traditions into an amalgamation […]

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LoHo Recording Studios – Blue Men, Living Legends, and Weekend Warriors

Loho Studios has lived two lives. From 1983-2007 it evolved from a downtown rehearsal space to a world-class recording studio, hosting living legends like Willie Nelson, Patty Smith, Joan Jett, Yo La Tengo, Art Garfunkel and Joey Ramone. Following this 25-year run it disappeared from the market completely, presumably moth-balled or auctioned off in pieces […]

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Get To Know a New York City Street Musician: Union Square Edition


Do you ever think about what NYC street musicians are like when they go home, or do you just imagine that they sleep in the subways? Forget the hugely skewed Joshua Bell experiment of 2007. If you’ve traveled the country much, you may have noticed that here in NYC, we’re lucky enough to have some […]

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Fink Analog Audio

From a distance, you might mistake Dennis Fink for a trucker, a contractor, or a retired lumberjack. He’s a tall bear of a man who wears clean, faded blue jeans and beat-up work boots, with a thick shock of grey-blond hair that reaches his collar. If you never had the chance to speak to him, […]

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