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2011 AES Tech Highlights

NEW YORK CITY: As SonicScoop editor David Weiss states in his Op-Ed story this week, the 2011 AES convention was less about innovation and more about survival. At least on the surface. Between the most troubled economy since the Great Depression and allegations of fiduciary mismanagement by the AES’ outgoing Executive Director, the 131st convention […]

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Eventide Turns 40 (And Turns A Corner As Well)

When the founders of Eventide attended their first AES Convention, they brought along “a fanciful aggregation of ‘products’ [they] were unable to demonstrate due to the complete lack of any internal electronic components”.  This year, they return for their fortieth as one of the most recognizable and long-lived names in professional audio. They also have […]

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Crate Digging: Charles Mingus Blues & Roots


Charles Mingus’ Blues and Roots is a raw, fiery and surprising record from start to finish. Find out why it’s too often overlooked, and why it’s recommended listening every musician and fan – even those who aren’t into of jazz. By all accounts, 1959 was a pretty good year for American instrumental music. It saw the […]

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Readers Respond About AES, Record Reviews, Gearslutz and More.

Hello and welcome to the November issue of “Trust Me, I’m A Scientist”! Thanks as always, for your feedback. Below are some of your best letters from the past month. SonicScoop and TMimaS at the 131st AES Convention October was a fun month. On the 22nd, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel at […]

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Become A Recording Engineer

Recording can be fun. Sometimes it can be a career. But it’s not for everybody. And today, becoming a working engineer is no easier than becoming a working musician. Throughout my adult life, I’ve made most of my living recording, mixing, and editing music and sound. I also love language just as much as I […]

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6 Areas in the Music Business with Potential for Growth

The production side of the music business has grown remarkably in the past decade, approaching a point of saturation. Meanwhile, other aspects of the industry have yet to catch up. Read on to discover which key areas still have room for meaningful growth. If you want to build a recording studio, you’re in luck. Great […]

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Guitar and Bass Setups Part 2: Intonation

Last week, we learned how to quickly and easily diagnose and correct basic issues in the guitar’s neck, immediately improving playability and tone. Join us again this week as we zero in on the bridge to fix the intonation issues that drive listeners crazy. INTONATION An appropriately rickety-sounding guitar can fit perfectly in the right […]

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Behind The Release: Bjork Biophilia

This week, we count down to our AES presentation “The Studio As An Instrument” with panelist Damian Taylor (The Prodigy, Arcade Fire, Austra) who tells us about using custom interfaces and robotic instruments to create Björk’s Biophilia. When Damian Taylor tells me about the making of Björk’s Biophilia, it’s with the inflection of someone who’s […]

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