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2013 New Audio Gear Reviews!

Avid S6 In person

This year, you’ve got not one but two ways to check out an overview of all the best new recording, mixing and audio gear from 2013. First, peruse a list of highlights from the 2013 AES convention in NYC. Then, join Geoff and Eli of the Input Output Podcast as they go in depth on […]

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How To Recover Flood-Damaged Audio Gear


Joel Hamilton was in his old studio in the American Midwest when the great floods of 1993 hit: “I watched, personally, with a flashlight in my teeth, as the meter bridge of my console went under water.” “It was incredible – They were the kinds of floods that people read about in National Geographic. When […]

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A Point of Departure with Producer Scott Solter

Scott Solter

This is a guest post by musician Daniel Shuman “I wasn’t interested in recording music because I particularly enjoyed putting up microphones,” says producer and engineer Scott Solter. “I wasn’t somebody who understood anything technical about audio – or anything technical at all.” This might come as something of a surprise to anyone who has […]

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Beyond the Basics: Demystifying dB

At first glance, the decibel might seem like an oddly fundamental topic for a series called “Beyond The Basics.” But in practice, the average audio engineer’s understanding of decibels and how they work is often shaky at best. Granted, you don’t need to fully understand dB to make great-sounding records. But it can never hurt to […]

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Music Spaces Hit Hard By Sandy – Here’s How You Can Help


Music community spaces including WFMU, The South Sound, Norton Records, New Amsterdam Records and Tape Kitchen were devastated by hurricane Sandy last week. Find out what you can do to help. When Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard last week, it brought with it 90-mph winds, 40-foot high waves, and in some areas, 15 inches […]

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Soundproofing the Small Studio


For one reason or another, whether it’s for culture, commerce or community, people all around the world have huddled closer to one another with every passing year. In 1900, fewer than 40% of Americans lived in and around urban areas. By the year 2000, that portion had nearly doubled, and today roughly 80% of Americans […]

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PIPELINE: Surf Music’s Rocky Rise, Untimely Death, and Unlikely Return

Dick Dale and his Del-Tones: Surfer's Choice

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. “Sliding a wave removes our brains out of the ordinary and slips us into the extra ordinary of being there now. No more worries about mortgages or strife of being poor or rich. When you enter the domain of an ocean cylinder, that moment, those split […]

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Mixing By Ear: Audio Accessibility For the Visually Impaired


This is a guest post by engineer, sound designer and producer, Gavin Skal. As an engineer who has grown up in the DAW age, I’m accustomed to hearing the sage advice to “Mix with your ears, not your eyes.” It’s a good rule to work by, but in the world of Pro Tools, many audio […]

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New Technology Highlights from AES 2012

The AES Convention has always been a time for new product announcements, and this year was no different. Although there were markedly fewer exhibitors this year than usual, almost all of the companies that did show up seemed to be announcing new tools, which ranged from the practical to the idealistic to the downright unexpected. […]

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Studio Skillset: The Care, Feeding and Selection of a Studio Piano

Until the home piano was overtaken by the home stereo (and now the home studio), it stood as one of the most complex, engaging and rewarding musical devices ever made. Get to know more about their care and construction in this installment of Studio Skillset. A good recording engineer should know at least a bit […]

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