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Plugin Review: The PSP BussPressor

PSPaudioware is an unassuming little plugin developer based in Poland. Their marketing materials are slim, they lack the pervasive press coverage of the largest brands, and they keep their GUIs plain and efficient and their prices low. But despite their boutique size and project-studio pricepoints, I’m consistently surprised to find that PSP is making some […]

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The Uninsured Musician’s Guide to Not Going Deaf

I had a disconcerting moment earlier this week. While out for a mid-afternoon stroll, I rounded a corner and suddenly felt an unusual pressure in my right ear. In just a few footsteps, my hearing grew dull and I experienced the strange and unwelcome sensation that someone or something had plugged my ear canal full […]

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The Next Generation of Drum Replacers

Drum replacement – or at least drum augmentation – has been part of recorded music since as early as the 1960s, when Phil Spector took to layering live percussion instruments to help create his “Wall of Sound.” It’s a basic technique that only become more prevalent and sophisticated as specialized tools become cheaper, faster and […]

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The Best Extreme and Unusual Compressor Plugins

For years there have been plenty of compressors plugins on the market that offer tremendously clean and transparent dynamic control. Later on came countless emulations of the classics, which seem have to become progressively more convincing with each iteration. But what about compressors that offer something a little more extreme and out-of-the-ordinary? Sure, a Fairchild […]

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How To Fix Spotify

A year ago next month, we released an article exploring how much Spotify pays independent artists. At the time we published, there was a lot of misinformation circling around, and ours was one of the few reliable stories about the topic on the web. It quickly became one of our most popular, and I still […]

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Scientist and SonicScoop Launch New Podcast Series, “InputOutput”

Click Here to Subscribe to InputOutput Podcast for FREE on iTunes. Want to take Scientist with you on the go, but hate walking into lamp posts? Like words, but think reading is for four-eyes? We have you covered. This month we’re happy to announce that Trust Me, I’m a Scientist is launching an all-new podcast […]

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Are You Superstitious About Your Sound?

Lucky Buck by Flickr User dbaird

We humans are superstitious by nature. Evolutionary biologists say there’s good reason for this. One common explanation is that back in our species’ infancy, a little superstition and paranoia could keep you alive. Imagine yourself as a prehistoric human, hanging out on the savannah. If you saw a rustling in the grass, wrongly assumed it […]

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Believe the Hype: Music history’s greatest non-musicians


This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. The term “Hype Man” may initially conjure up an image of a grease-palmed, Don King-type huckster. But musical terms, The Hype Man is the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is a high-energy musical performance. He moves. He grooves. He jumps, dances, shouts, […]

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