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Review: ADAM A5X Nearfield Studio Monitors


I’ve been a fan of ADAM speakers for years. Every company that makes studio monitors has its own idea about what’s most important in speaker design, and for my tastes, the designers at ADAM have always had their priorities in the right place. Where some studio monitors aimed to impress and win quick sip-tests with […]

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Scientist Seeks New Contributors, Adds New Associate Editor

"Trust Me, I'm a Scientist"

Hello and welcome to the February issue of Trust Me, I’m A Scientist. New Associate Editor The biggest new development this month is the addition of our new associate editor and “west coast bureau chief”, Blake Madden. Blake is a musician who writes scores and plays in the fantastic Seattle synthrock outfit Hotels. He’s also the […]

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South Brooklyn Recording Studios, Featuring Systems Two

Systems Two Recording Studio

Join us as we continue our tour of Brooklyn’s busiest recording studios for SonicScoop. In this installment, learn where living legends of jazz and metal record their masterpieces, and find some surprisingly affordable production spaces south of Prospect Park. SYSTEMS TWO Kensington, Brooklyn Contact: [email protected] | (718) 851-1010 Call For Rates Systems Two doesn’t have […]

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True Indie Labels: Frenchkiss Records


Just as the major labels began their decade-long downward spiral, NYC’s Frenchkiss Records began growing. Today, they’re a sustainable and influential indie rock label, and in an age when seemingly home-brewed labels are often just boutique imprints for giant conglomerates, Frenchkiss Records staunchly remains a true independent. “Frenchkiss is definitely my baby,” label owner and […]

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The World’s Best Books On Creating, Recording and Publishing Music

If you’re reading this issue of Scientist, we can assume a few things about you. 1) You have fantastic taste. 2) You’re smarter than the average soprano. 3) You love music. 4) You love reading almost as much. The official TMimaS music library is an expansive one. This month, we present a few of our […]

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John Carpenter’s John Carpenter

“In France, I’m an auteur; in Germany, a filmmaker; in Britain; a genre film director; and, in the USA, a bum.” -John Carpenter Somewhere in between the prolific function-over-form output of b-movie legend Roger Corman and the carefully considered, macabre artistry of David Lynch, lies the work of John Carpenter. During his forty-plus years in […]

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SOPA Blackout – The Morning After

Thanks to yesterday’s high-profile blackouts of Wikipedia, Reddit, and others more Americans are familiar with the Stop Online Piracy Act than ever before. Dozens of websites went dark yesterday to protest the SOPA and PIPA, and if you’re still confused as to what the fuss is about and need a balanced look at the arguments, […]

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