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New Studio Openings: Degraw Sound in Gowanus, Brooklyn


When we last checked in with producer/engineer Ben Rice, he was working out of a “glorified home studio” called Newkirk Recording, where he tracked indie rock bands like The Mooney Suzuki, as well as an assortment of aspiring singer-songwriters and small jazz groups. Since then, business has been brisk enough that Rice has decided to […]

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NYC Indie Labels: Temporary Residence Limited


Temporary Residence Limited is a record label that has defied most of the recent trends in the music industry. As record sales deflated during the first decade of the twentieth century, Jeremy deVine and the bands at his label enjoyed their greatest spurts of growth. And, in a business that’s been moving steadily toward download […]

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“Infamous” Myth-Buster Ethan Winer Rewrites The Audio Rulebook

As far as polarizing figures go, Ethan Winer is an unlikely candidate. Now 63 years old, Winer is a former audio engineer and computer programmer who plays the cello, owns a successful acoustics business, and frequents online messageboards in his spare time. In the most pervasive photo of him on the web, Winer is pictured […]

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A Guide to Popular Studio Headphones


Headphones are more popular now than ever – And today’s music fans aren’t just listening on cheap earbuds. Although the consumer audio sector didn’t perform particularly well in the great recession, Hi-Fi headphones were the one category to boldly defy that trend. While the rest of the market dropped by 14% sales of headphones grew […]

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1st Anniversary Report: The Future of Scientist

"Trust Me, I'm a Scientist"

If you told me a year ago that I’d be writing up to 16,000 words a month and editing a web magazine that’s read by thousands of musicians and audio professionals, I’d have been flattered — and suspicious about what you were trying to butter me up for. Today, publishing Trust Me, I’m a Scientist is […]

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The Most Popular Stories from the First Year of Trust Me, I’m a Scientist

We launched the first ever “Beta Issue” of Trust Me, I’m a Scientist back in July 2011, which means that this month marks our official one-year anniversary. To date, we’ve published over 100 articles on the art, business, and science of music and sound – more than half of which are exclusive stories that can’t […]

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Producer Profiles: The Godfather of Eurodisco – Giorgio Moroder

All business: Giorgio Moroder

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden Who is Giorgio Moroder? The name may seem vaguely familiar, but it doesn’t stick. He makes jeans, no wait, fragrances, right? (If you guessed luxury sports cars, you’d at least be half-right.) Moroder is a producer and songwriter by trade, but a taste-maker by destiny. He […]

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Upcoming Copyright Battles

The Next Generation of Copyright Battles There’s an old saying that the only constant is change. We naturally remember this whenever we look back over a decade or two and see just how much the landscape has been altered. But it may be even more more valuable to look ahead and remember that whenever the […]

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