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Industry Intel: Recording Engineer Salaries (By Industry and Region)

Despite stories of big studio closures and contracting CD sales over the last decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests that the audio engineering profession has grown considerably since 1999. Although competition remains fierce and growth is expected to slow , median annual incomes have increased in recent years, rising from $30,000 to […]

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Behind The Release: Beach House Bloom

The Sound On their latest release, Bloom, Beach House picks a mood and sticks with it in earnest. To their fans, that atmosphere is sure to be a familiar one, and record reviews are abuzz this week with all the expected adjectives – hypnotic, aching, sultry, languid. “Lovely as it is,” writes Jennifer Kelly for […]

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Seen and Not Heard: Almost-Classic Instrumental Tracks

The lost classics and hidden gems of popular instrumental music This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden The year is 1999, and it’s only a few seconds old. With confetti in their hair and the promise of the future in their eyes, party-goers all around America celebrate to Kenny G’s version of “Auld […]

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Audio Priorities: What Matters a Lot (And What Doesn’t)

Figure 3: This roller coaster low frequency response was measured in a typical bedroom size space. You can see numerous peaks and nulls caused by acoustic interference, with a span that exceeds 30 dB.

This is a guest post by Ethan Winer, co-founder of RealTraps and author of the new reference book, The Audio Expert. “I have a tax refund check coming soon, and I plan to upgrade my home studio. I’m wondering what I should buy to take my studio to the next level. I’m getting about $2,500, […]

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How To Release an Album in the 21st Century

A few days ago, I organized and ran sound for Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter party. Some of you may know Palmer for her work with her old band, The Dresden Dolls, for her solo albums on Roadrunner Records, or for her collaborations with her husband, the acclaimed author Neil Gaiman. Those of you who haven’t heard […]

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NYC Indie Labels: Luaka Bop

Those who have only a passing familiarity with Luaka Bop are likely to think of it as “David Byrne’s World Music Label.” While this may be a useful shorthand, it fails to tell the full story of an imprint that’s focused on finding music that would have no other natural home. When I talked to […]

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Self-Recording Artists: Who, Why & How

One of the inescapable realities of the music industry in the 21st century is that more musicians are recording themselves today than ever before. Some engineers and studio owners lament this trend, citing shrinking budgets, dwindling audio fidelity – even the decimation of genres that rely on the sound of seasoned musicians coming together in […]

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Credit Where Credit is Due

For the latest issue of Tape Op, producer Mikael “Count” Eldridge wrote an op-ed titled “I Have A Credit Problem.” In it, he laments the loss of the liner note, arguing that today’s information-free delivery systems weaken the listeners’ experience and even hurt careers: “This is not about stroking the egos of music creators. People […]

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