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Ace Engineers Share Tips on Mastering for iTunes

Mastered for iTunes

“Mastered for iTunes” is out. We explore the tools, the best practices, and the controversy. Last week, iTunes announced a new set of tools and best practices that would allow engineers to master albums specifically for release on the iTunes Music Store. Although the application is novel, the basic concept is nothing new. Mastering engineers […]

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Can You Hear What I Hear? A Guide to Listening Blind

Magic Beans

Compared to the much of the animal kingdom, human beings have pretty terrible hearing. We have poor powers of echolocation, especially for sounds that come from behind us, we can only hear a relatively narrow bandwith of 20Hz-20kHz, and we’re easily fooled by illusions. Some illusions, like those discovered by Diana Deutsch throughout her career, […]

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How The Swedes Fight Piracy

Kim Dotcom

Sweden is at it again. The nation made international news twice this February: Once by refusing appeals on the Pirate Bay case, and then again for effectively shutting down the second largest illegal file-sharing site on its shores, while barely lifting a finger. This is the very same country that brought us the popular legal […]

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Producer Profile: Flood


This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. Single-name monikers are usually reserved for larger-than-life personalities. British producer Flood however, keeps a low, almost anonymous profile. It’s his work that gets all the hype. Since his first noteworthy assignment as assistant engineer on New Order’s debut album over 30 years ago, Flood’s resume has […]

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Behind the Release: Something – 5 Questions with Patrick Wimberly of Chairlift

Something is an unusual record. It’s atmospheric yet danceable, plaintive but poppy. Its sound sparkles with a lustrous coat of wax, but it’s unafraid to remain decidedly off-kilter if not a little weird. Underneath the shimmering production are Caroline Polachek’s startlingly well-performed vocals and a good handful of strongly-written songs. Chairlift has gone through a […]

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Central Brooklyn Recording Studio Tour, Part III: DUMBO

Atlantic Sound Studios I had every reason to expect a good view when I walked in to Atlantic Sound Studios. It’s in a highrise commercial building at the end of Jay Street in DUMBO, only footsteps away from the water. I had seen pictures of the studio online, gathered that its windows overlooked the river, […]

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Behind The Release: The Magnetic Fields’ Love at the Bottom of the Sea

On March 6th, The Magnetic Fields are slated to release Love at the Bottom of the Sea. It will be a return to form for the band and for their primary member, the absurdist songwriter and Morrissey-sound-alike Stephin Merritt. After releasing 1999’s critically acclaimed 69 Love Songs, Merritt decided to abandon the drum machines and […]

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City Strings: Gillian Rivers

Gillian Rivers is everything a classical violinist could want to be: She’s young, she’s beautiful, and she makes a reasonable living playing and arranging music for critically acclaimed contemporary composers. The only catch is that most of these composers turned out to be the songwriters in rock bands like MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV […]

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