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Plugin Roundups: Workhorse Compressors and Frequency Analyzers

This month, we wrote two plugin roundups and published them first on SonicScoop. Click to read all about Alternative Workhorse Compressors and Frequency Analyzers and Metering Tools.

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Made in NY: Awesome Channel Amplifier

“If you dig the sound of old 1970’s records, you are listening to the sound of an entire console. A discrete preamplifier design is just one element,” says Dave Raphael, designer for the “Awesome Transistor Amplifier Company” (AwTAC) Click here to read more about the Awesome Channel Amplifier’s “console-in-a-box” approach on SonicScoop.

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InputOutput Audio Review: UA Apollo vs. World-Class Recording Studio

In the latest installment of Input|Output, Geoff and Eli put the Universal Audio Apollo up against a world-class studio with vintage Neve 8068 console and classic Studer 827 tape machine, to see if the two could possibly compare. Click here to download our entire episode, including audio samples and our analysis, on SonicScoop.

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Behind The Release: Grizzly Bear Shields

The sound of Shields is the last thing you might expect from a collaboration between the abstract indie rockers Grizzly Bear and a mainstream mixer like Michael Brauer. Click here to read the full story behind the making of Grizzly Bear’s Shields on SonicScoop

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Has The Internship Turned Evil?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a quick post on my personal blog about Amanda Palmer’s refusal to pay musicians on an upcoming tour, and was amazed by the sheer magnitude of interest. A groundswell of popular pressure eventually convinced to Palmer to reverse her position, but while the controversy raged, that little offhand blog post […]

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Theremin, A Mania

This is a guest post by Steve Macfarlane In keeping with the season, let’s talk a little bit about what is perhaps the most typecast instrument in the history of film scoring: the theremin. You know it the instant you hear it – that flesh-tingling, blood-chilling, eyeball-popping, whistling-wheezing-whining sound burnt into your unconscious by dozens […]

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The Studio as an Instrument

The 133rd AES Convention is right around the corner, and in just a few short weeks, my editors at SonicScoop will be flying me out to San Francisco to check out all the festivities, talks and new technologies and report back. Last year, I was honored to be invited to the 131st convention as guest […]

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An Appreciation: Grizzly Bear’s Shields

More than once in my life, I have been called a “hater”. That is only half-fair. It’s true that once I find out which direction the bandwagon is headed, I run the other way, but I prefer the term contrarian. “Hater,” to me, implies an impulse toward negativity with no end goal. I am less […]

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