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Vanishing Borders: Latin American Music Production in a Globalized World

Vanishing Borders

This is a guest post by Costa Rican musician and engineer, Bruno Cubero. If you page through the calendars of South American music festivals this year, the lineups may seem familiar. Whether in Santiago, Monterrey, Bogotá or San José, you’ll find bands like The Killers, Pearl Jam, DIIV, The Black Keys, Twin Shadow and Ariel […]

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Producer Profile: John McEntire

McEntire, the musician

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. When we spoke, I kept hoping Chicago producer and musician John McEntire would regale me with tales of studio magic, or at least studio mischief. Did he ever mic drums from the top of a stairwell to try and get the booming sounds of his childhood […]

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When to Work For Free (And When Not To)

Oregon Trail: You Have Died of Exposure

Over the past year, the general public has become increasingly ravenous over stories about the new economics of music and other creative fields. 2012 started off with news of class-action lawsuits that may bring an end to illegal unpaid internships. High-profile public conversations emerged when musicians debated when they should and shouldn’t work for free, […]

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Analog Analogs: Approximating Vintage Sounds In the Box

Universal Audio's Ampex ATR-102 Emulation

For many, the age of digital audio is also an age of analog nostalgia. Despite the ever-increasing quality of digital audio systems, all those decades of listening to the non-linearities of tubes, transformers, and tape have biased our ears in favor of older, more colored, and more costly recording methods. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer of […]

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The Best Small Tube Amps For The Recording Studio

In the recording studio, you don’t always need a lot of power from a guitar amp. If anything, sometimes less is more when it comes to level, and many seasoned engineers will tell you that some of the biggest guitar sounds can come out of some of the smallest amps. There are a lot of […]

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Does Spotify Work For Independent Artists? An Interview with Jeremy deVine of Temporary Residence

Click here to subscribe to Input|Output for free on iTunes. (And if you like what you hear, please take a moment to share your review!) You can also follow our new feeds on Facebook and Twitter. Input|Output hosts Geoff and Eli filter out all the noise in this new three-part series on artists rights and […]

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Studio Tours: Dungeon Beach and Red Rock Recording

Red Rock Control Room

  Head over to SonicScoop to see two of our latest studio tours: Dungeon Beach, a new audio/video post house and 5.1 mix suite in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and Red Rock Recording, a 35-year veteran studio that embraces digital mixing while retaining old-school straight-to-two-track values.

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