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Our Most Popular Articles of 2012

2012 was a good year for Scientist. We started the year with about 10,000 articles being read each month, and ended it with around 25,000. We also gave away a T-shirt. (Congrats @kittent! Take a look in your inbox for our message.) If the rest of you want to support the site by purchasing one […]

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Should Recording Studios Advertise Their Rates? (And How Much Should They Charge?)

One of the most common questions I get from new studio owners is whether or not they should advertise their rates on their websites. I’ve visited, worked at, and written about a lot of recording studios over the years and there seems to be no standard answer to this question. But in this issue of […]

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Stations of the Crossover Artist

The highs and lows of artists who refuse to stay their lanes This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. In the liner notes to one of Miles Davis’ explosive 70s acid-funk albums, a friend of the trumpeter recalls a furious debate with a coked-out, reclusive Miles over what day of the week it […]

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Can You Be a Conservative and a Liberal at the Same Time? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. More Than You Know.)

Here at Scientist, we like to look at issues that affect musicians and other creative people and take them on with relish. Outside of music, nothing is more interesting to us than studying the impact of new policies and technologies on our work and on our colleagues. What is the effect of a hands-off approach […]

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How to Fix Common Audio/Video Sync Problems

In the early days of motion picture, audio sync was easy: There wasn’t any. When you’re dealing with silent films, you have plenty of room to play fast and loose with frame rates. The first hand-cranked cameras used in the industry could shoot footage at rates anywhere from 16 to 18 frames per second; there […]

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Empirical Labs, an Analog Leader, Moves “Furiously” into Digital

Dave Derr, designer of the instant-classic analog Distressor, says his high-end audio company is ready to move “furiously” and “excitedly” into the digital domain. Dave Derr of Empirical Labs got his start in audio as an analog man at a digital company, testing circuit components for Eventide Electronics’ breakthrough hit, the H3000 UltraHarmonizer. When he […]

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