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Your (Long, Arduous, Doubt-Inducing, Bipolar) Surefire Path to Success

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle The modern musician cares about time, probably because we’re so often reminded, in ways both funny and sad, of how little we actually have. Musicians who feel the pressure of time look outside themselves for shortcuts to success. […]

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Time and Cost of Making an Album Case Study: NIRVANA

This story, “Time and Cost of Making an Album Case Study: NIRVANA“, lives on at, where Justin Colletti now serves as director of content and publishing. Check it out here. . . . . .

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Pandora’s Epic PR Fail (And the Future of Internet Radio)

Pandora Radio has experienced some pretty incredible growth over the last several years. Today, the company lays claim to nearly 80% of internet radio traffic in the US, a category which has grown 33% since 2007. With over 175 million monthly users, Pandora is the second most popular music-only streaming service on the web, right […]

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New Studio Review: Strange Weather, Brooklyn

Generally, I try to stay objective when I write about new studios. But when it comes to East Williamsburg’s Strange Weather recording, I just wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I neglected to mention that it’s one of my favorite studios in New York. By extension, I suppose that makes it among my favorite recording rooms […]

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Destination Studio: Old Soul Studios, Catskill, NY

Back in 1995, Kenny Siegal was living in New York City, working out of a personal studio in DUMBO, long before that neighborhood had turned into the chichi business district it is today. His studio at the time was a subterranean lair, deep in the basement of 68 Jay Street, part of a space that […]

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The Best Noise Reduction Plugins on the Market

The best way to deal with a troublesome noise is to avoid recording it in the first place. In a controlled environment, like a recording studio or a film set, you’re blessed with a quiet space, clean power and revealing monitors, so that isn’t too difficult to do. But these days, for better and for […]

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The Anatomy of a Studio Guitar

Guitars, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Also much like people, when you look beneath the surface, they’re all made of the same stuff: In this case, wood, metal, plastic and curves. For all the bewildering variation you may encounter in the wide world of guitars, there are but a manageable handful […]

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