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Recording Studio Retreats – Spring 2013

Bustling cities like New York, L.A., San Francisco and Nashville may boast more recording studios per square foot than just about anywhere else on earth. With such high concentrations of talented professionals, it’s not surprising that so many commercial records are made, at least in part, inside of one of these major markets. Then there’s […]

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The Best Snare Drums For The Recording Studio

It’s no overstatement to say that a good snare sound is essential to the backbone of almost any kind of pop record – whether that means hip hop, country, speed metal, R&B, punk rock, psychedelia, shoegaze, adult contemporary, jazz or straight up rock n’ roll. So every recording studio should have at least a couple […]

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Sound Information: Metadata For Your Music

In the days of vinyl and tape cassettes, providing your listeners with information about your music was simple: Everything from song titles to song-writers, lyrics to album art, engineering credits to UPC codes, could be included in the sleeve or album sticker, and that was that. Today, what drives growth in the industry are music […]

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Dave Grohl’s Sound City: A Music Movie Review

Towards the end of Dave Grohl’s directorial debut, the rock documentary Sound City, drummer Mick Fleetwood warns us about “the downside” to all the technological advances that have so changed the face of music production: That they might lead a person into “thinking that ‘I can do this all on my own.’” “Yes, you can […]

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InputOutput Podcast: David Lowery and the Future of Artists’ Rights

In this episode of InputOutput, Geoff and Eli talk to David Lowery, the former frontman for Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, who is now an economics professor at the University of Georgia. Last summer, Lowrey wrote an open letter to Emily White, an NPR intern who claimed to have had almost 12,000 songs in her personal library, […]

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“YOUR ARTICLE HERE” — Get Paid to Write for Scientist

"Trust Me, I'm a Scientist"

This January, Scientist started selling advertisements on what is now about 30,000 page views each month. (EDIT: 8/27/13 We’re now up to about 70,000 reads a month and still growing fast.) The primary motivation for beginning to sell ads was that it would allow us to start paying writers. We made this decision for three […]

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Björn This Way – What Makes Sweden So Good at Making Pop Music?

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden Having lived in South Africa for a couple of years as a teenager, my memory of mid-90s culture can diverge wildly from that of my friends. Thanks to a steady diet of the European versions of VH1 and MTV, I’m clueless in conversations regarding American one-hit […]

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Audio Subjectivists vs Audio Objectivists: A False Dichotomy


There’s a war on in the audio world. A very silly war. It crops up from time to time, wasting energy and helping to polarize opinions about things that just aren’t worth fighting about. I’m talking about the ongoing war between subjectivists and objectivists – And I’m here to demand that you never, ever pick […]

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In Defense of the Amateur

In Defense of the Amateur — Image courtesy of Flickr user "familymwr"

It’s hard to say exactly how many professional musicians there are in the United States, but the best guess from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics is that we have anywhere from around 70,000 to 250,000 of them The lower number comes from a comprehensive survey of employers which includes no data on the self-employed. […]

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