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One of my personal goals for the new year was to try writing a daily blog to see how I’d like it. So, in 40 days, from December 20th to January 30th, I wrote 40 blog posts. (Okay technically, those dates are 42 days apart. I did take 2 days off one weekend just to […]

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A Smart Way and a Dumb Way to Build a Recording Studio

Justin Colletti. What an ego!

I’ve seen a lot of studios succeed, and a lot of studios go out of business. Read about it on my blog.

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Learning from Social Media Failures

(Or: How To Take Control of Your Online Life Without Burning Your Hand on The Stove) For the amount that Social Media has come to dominate many of our everyday lives, we know precious little about what it’s doing to us. Though at times it’s unnervingly easy to forget what life was like before social […]

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The Science of Effective Social Media Use

(A by-the-numbers look at controlling your media feed instead of having it control you.) In “Learning from Social Media Failures” we explored so many of the ways social media can go wrong and erode your quality of life. But how about a little focus on the ways to use it right? Whether you’re a content […]

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Build Your Own Rat Park (A Better Approach to the Internet)

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. In July of 2013 Alexis Madrigal wrote an article for The Atlantic titled “The Machine Zone: This Is Where You Go When You Just Can’t Stop Looking at Pictures on Facebook”. Calling on research from MIT anthropologist Natasha Schüll, Madrigal makes overt what some of us […]

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“Scientist” Editor Launches New Daily Blog. (And it’s good.)

Hey all, Thanks for tuning in for another issue of Trust Me, I’m a Scientist, your favorite facetiously-titled, once-monthly, web-only magazine about the art, science and economics of music and sound. (Word to the wise: It’s easy to be the best when you get to narrow things down pick what you have to be the […]

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If you go around searching for bad music…

Justin Colletti. What an ego!

…You will find it. Read the whole post on Justin’s blog.

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Inside WNYC & WQXR’s Jerome L. Greene Performance Space

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, with its huge street-level windows, is fittingly public for a venue that’s run by New York Public Radio. Looking at the Greene Space from the street, you’re treated to a view straight into the heart of this 1,800-square-foot theater, making each show something of an open exhibition. Read more […]

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Review: IK Multimedia iLoud

Audio technology has become less expensive, more transparent, more powerful and more portable. Perhaps it’s about time that consumer-focused systems started to catch up with professional ones. The new iLoud by IK Multimedia ($299) is one attempt to bring studio-quality sound to consumers, musicians and hobbyists while providing features that are relevant to many of […]

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Letters From Smart People: Some of Our Best Mail From 2013

You might have noticed that we don’t really have a “comments” section on Scientist. That’s by design. If you want to let us know what you think, we welcome you to write us an email anytime. Here are a few of our favorite letters from 2013: The article on working for free kills. Thank you! […]

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