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An Inconvenient Fee: The Legacy of Pearl Jam Vs. Ticketmaster

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden Two weeks ago, Pearl Jam released Lightning Bolt, their tenth studio album in a career that has spanned more than 20 years. A predictable wave of retrospectives from rock critics followed. Always mentioned – but only in passing – is what many of them dismiss as […]

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Fact-Checking David Byrne: Daft Punk Actually Stands to Make a LOT of Money on Spotify

Let me start off by saying that I love David Byrne. Not only do I like so much of his music, but over the past few years, I think Mr. Byrne has offered some of the best commentary on music, culture and the importance of copyright. For starters, I’m constantly — and I mean constantly — […]

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Feeding the Machine: Are You Releasing Enough Music to Have a Real Career?

Welcome back to singles culture. A survey of history reveals a familiar pattern. And a few good ideas about what musicians should be focusing on now. For about 40 years, the full-length album has been assumed to be the “default” method for releasing music in the minds of most musicians and fans. At first glance, […]

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The Independent Musician’s Guide to Not Going Broke

Q: What does a musician do when he wins a million dollars? A: Keeps playing gigs until the money runs out. Musicians, producers and engineers often face tough career propositions. Here’s how to avoid losing your shirt – in good times and in bad. With a little bit of intelligent planning, you might even come […]

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How to Become the Best at What You Do (In Music, Sound, Writing, or Anything Else)


We now live in a global economy. This means that no matter what path you take in life, if you want anything that resembles a sustainable and fulfilling career, chances are that you’re going to have to become among the best in the world at what you do. This wasn’t always the case. There was […]

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What to Practice (For Musicians, Writers, Audio Engineers, Entrepreneurs)

Learning Zone

This month, we’ve looked at the “why” and “how” of deliberate practice. It’s the only kind of activity that’s been shown, over decades of research, to make you dramatically better at the things you care most about doing. Deliberate practice is different than on-the-job experience, and in many ways, it can be even more effective. […]

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Think You Have Golden Ears? Take the Scientist Challenge!

Take the Scientist Challenge: If you can reliably hear a difference between either CD or 320kbps mp3 and any higher resolution format, (and prove it!) we will publish a glowing, feature-length article about you. Whenever we write about subjects like bit depth, sample rates, high resolution mp3s, or the quality of contemporary audio technology, we […]

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NYC Indie Labels: Kanine Records

It’s been ten years since Lio and Kay Kanine put out their first release: a compilation of 20 undiscovered bands, most of them from Brooklyn, titled NY: The Next Wave. Lio Kanine (then known by his real name, Lio Cerezo) had landed a job with the indie distributor Alternative Distribution Alliance not long after moving […]

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Why Vinyl Is NOT Going To Save The Music Industry (And What Will)


Vinyl sales have exploded over the past six years. They grew by 44% in 2010, 39% in 2011 and 19% in 2012. At first glance, this seems huge — Especially when you take into account that music sales in general have dropped over 60% from their peak. But here’s the dirty little secret you probably haven’t […]

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Playing Fair: How Musicians and Live Music Venues Can Get Along

The High Dive

In January of 2011, singer/songwriter Gabriel Mintz performed at a popular Seattle music venue. At the end of the night, the venue gave Mintz a printout of incomes and expenses associated with the show. The gross revenue from ticket sales was a promising $825, yet Mintz received no cash to go along with his printout. […]

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