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Modern Hi-Fi: What Really Happened to the High-End Stereo Market


Old people complaining about ‘the kids these days with their so-called music’ goes back to at least the time of the ancient Greeks, when Plato griped that: “Music was once divided into its proper forms…not permitted to exchange the melodic styles of these established forms and others…The rule was to listen silently and learn; But […]

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Merch Table: Supplementing Music Income Through T-Shirt Sales

People form intense emotional attachments to concert Tees. This Led Zeppelin T-shirt recently sold for $10,000, making it the

The short-sleeved T-shirt, first made for the US Navy in 1913, turns 100 this year. Theoretically, there are dozens of ways a musician could make money. In a survey that began in 2012, the non-profit group Future of Music Coalition identified 42 of them. Their exhaustive list included everything from session fees to teaching engagements, […]

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InputOutput Podcast: The Ian MacKaye Interview

As a member of seminal hardcore punk bands The Teen Idles, Minor Threat and Fugazi, and a founder of the pioneering indie label, Dischord Records, Ian MacKaye led a musical movement out of Washington, D.C. in the early 80s that continues to ignite and inspire bands all over the world. With Dischord as its engine, […]

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Op-Ed: Spotify Payouts Revisited – How Much Does it Pay Now and How Much Should Artists Demand?

Spotify made big news again in mid-July when producer Nigel Godrich and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke pulled their music from the streaming service. Their move was not without precedent. Just a few months earlier, Jeremy DeVine, head of the indie record label Temporary Residence Ltd, came on to our InputOutput podcast to discuss his plans to […]

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Unpaid Intern Lawsuits: What Every Studio Owner Should Know

By now, many studio owners have probably heard about the rise of class action lawsuits against businesses that rely on illegal unpaid internships. In late 2012, Charlie Rose’s for-profit production company was the first to settle such a claim, paying out $250,000 in back minimum wages that it had failed to pay its entry-level workers. […]

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Audio School: Boutique Recording Programs and Workshops

Back when I entered the audio program at SUNY Purchase around the turn of the millennium, a bachelor’s degree in “Studio Production” still seemed like something of a novel concept. Since then, enrollments for both 4-year and short-term programs in this once-niche market appear to have exploded nationwide. Occasionally, engineers will gripe about the numbers […]

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Art in the Age of Digital Ads

The moment that we, as a culture, decided that we wanted to stop paying for art and information, we implicitly invited more advertising into our lives. That may not have been what we had intended, but in any nation where business pays the bills, that’s just part of the deal. Somebody, after all, has gotta […]

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Pandora’s Epic PR Fail (And the Future of Internet Radio)

Pandora Radio has experienced some pretty incredible growth over the last several years. Today, the company lays claim to nearly 80% of internet radio traffic in the US, a category which has grown 33% since 2007. With over 175 million monthly users, Pandora is the second most popular music-only streaming service on the web, right […]

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Reinventing The Album: Keeping Releases Relevant in The 21st Century

These days when listeners do buy music, it’s predominantly in the form of ones and zeros on a hard drive or a broadband stream. It was just this past year that paid digital downloads finally surpassed CDs as the most popular consumer format, but to put it that way only tells part of the story. […]

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How Long Is This Gonna Take? The Time and Cost of Recording a Full-Length Album

Vintage record clock by Etsy user "clockstockandbarrell"

This story, “How Long Is This Gonna Take? The Time and Cost of Recording a Full-Length Album” has been ported over to for all posterity to enjoy. Find it here. . . . . .

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