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Our Best Stories About Music and Sound From 2013

2013 has been another monster year for Scientist. We started the year with about 25,000 visits each month, and ended up peaking as high as 70,000. This has mostly been because you’ve been sharing our stories via social media, and opening up our monthly newsletters at rates higher than we ever could have hoped for. […]

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Why Vinyl Is NOT Going To Save The Music Industry (And What Will)


Vinyl sales have exploded over the past six years. They grew by 44% in 2010, 39% in 2011 and 19% in 2012. At first glance, this seems huge — Especially when you take into account that music sales in general have dropped over 60% from their peak. But here’s the dirty little secret you probably haven’t […]

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Playing Fair: How Musicians and Live Music Venues Can Get Along

The High Dive

In January of 2011, singer/songwriter Gabriel Mintz performed at a popular Seattle music venue. At the end of the night, the venue gave Mintz a printout of incomes and expenses associated with the show. The gross revenue from ticket sales was a promising $825, yet Mintz received no cash to go along with his printout. […]

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Modern Hi-Fi: What Really Happened to the High-End Stereo Market


Old people complaining about ‘the kids these days with their so-called music’ goes back to at least the time of the ancient Greeks, when Plato griped that: “Music was once divided into its proper forms…not permitted to exchange the melodic styles of these established forms and others…The rule was to listen silently and learn; But […]

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Op-Ed: Spotify Payouts Revisited – How Much Does it Pay Now and How Much Should Artists Demand?

Spotify made big news again in mid-July when producer Nigel Godrich and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke pulled their music from the streaming service. Their move was not without precedent. Just a few months earlier, Jeremy DeVine, head of the indie record label Temporary Residence Ltd, came on to our InputOutput podcast to discuss his plans to […]

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Big Wins: Audio Upgrades That Really Matter

Reading through audio forums and magazines, it’s easy to become convinced that the next upgrade is the one that will really make a difference, taking your tracks from mundane to impressive. Some upgrades of course, are bound to be more significant than others. This week we asked a handful of busy engineers for some of […]

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Unpaid Intern Lawsuits: What Every Studio Owner Should Know

By now, many studio owners have probably heard about the rise of class action lawsuits against businesses that rely on illegal unpaid internships. In late 2012, Charlie Rose’s for-profit production company was the first to settle such a claim, paying out $250,000 in back minimum wages that it had failed to pay its entry-level workers. […]

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Self-Produced Songwriter Arthur Nasson on Limitations, Listening and 8-Track Recording

Arthur Nasson is a recording artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in Boston, MA. Around the turn of the century, as the digital revolution took hold in earnest, music stores began selling off the very last of their all-analog recorders in order to make way for “the future”. I stood inside of one of those […]

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Art in the Age of Digital Ads

The moment that we, as a culture, decided that we wanted to stop paying for art and information, we implicitly invited more advertising into our lives. That may not have been what we had intended, but in any nation where business pays the bills, that’s just part of the deal. Somebody, after all, has gotta […]

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Your (Long, Arduous, Doubt-Inducing, Bipolar) Surefire Path to Success

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle The modern musician cares about time, probably because we’re so often reminded, in ways both funny and sad, of how little we actually have. Musicians who feel the pressure of time look outside themselves for shortcuts to success. […]

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