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A series of in-depth interviews with distinctive producers and music-makers, focusing on a notable new release.

Time and Cost of Making an Album Case Study: NIRVANA

This story, “Time and Cost of Making an Album Case Study: NIRVANA“, lives on at, where Justin Colletti now serves as director of content and publishing. Check it out here. . . . . .

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How Long Is This Gonna Take? The Time and Cost of Recording a Full-Length Album

Vintage record clock by Etsy user "clockstockandbarrell"

This story, “How Long Is This Gonna Take? The Time and Cost of Recording a Full-Length Album” has been ported over to for all posterity to enjoy. Find it here. . . . . .

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Vanishing Borders: Latin American Music Production in a Globalized World

Vanishing Borders

This is a guest post by Costa Rican musician and engineer, Bruno Cubero. If you page through the calendars of South American music festivals this year, the lineups may seem familiar. Whether in Santiago, Monterrey, Bogotá or San José, you’ll find bands like The Killers, Pearl Jam, DIIV, The Black Keys, Twin Shadow and Ariel […]

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Behind The Release: Widowspeak Almanac

Sometimes people do their best work when they step outside their comfort zones. Widowspeak‘s latest release, Almanac, out January 22 on Captured Tracks, is evidence of just that. Its sound is the product of a few creative people veering just slightly off course. And the album is better for it. The band’s 2011 self-titled debut […]

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Behind The Release: Philip Glass Rework

The year 2012 was a late-career landmark for Philip Glass. In the beginning of the year, the composer celebrated his 75th birthday with the premiere of a new symphony and the first major production of his 1976 opera Einstein on the Beach in ten years. By December, Beck had curated a new double-album worth of remixes […]

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Behind The Release: Grizzly Bear Shields

The sound of Shields is the last thing you might expect from a collaboration between the abstract indie rockers Grizzly Bear and a mainstream mixer like Michael Brauer. Click here to read the full story behind the making of Grizzly Bear’s Shields on SonicScoop

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The Studio as an Instrument

The 133rd AES Convention is right around the corner, and in just a few short weeks, my editors at SonicScoop will be flying me out to San Francisco to check out all the festivities, talks and new technologies and report back. Last year, I was honored to be invited to the 131st convention as guest […]

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How To Release an Album in the 21st Century

A few days ago, I organized and ran sound for Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter party. Some of you may know Palmer for her work with her old band, The Dresden Dolls, for her solo albums on Roadrunner Records, or for her collaborations with her husband, the acclaimed author Neil Gaiman. Those of you who haven’t heard […]

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The Best of Both Worlds: “Mid-Fi” Recording with DIIV & Daniel James Schlett

Daniel James Schlett is probably one of the best engineers I know under age thirty. I don’t say this because he works out of one of my favorite studios, Brooklyn’s Strange Weather Recording, but in spite of it. The more work he gets, the harder it is for me to book the place for myself. […]

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Behind The Release: Lost in the Trees – A Church That Fits Our Needs


Ari Picker, the singer and principal writer for Lost in the Trees was older than most students when he got started in the film scoring program at Berklee College. Now he’s 30, a recent graduate with a bachelor’s in music, and probably one of the only members of his class who has a record deal […]

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