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NYC Indie Labels: Captured Tracks — Instinct, Intellect, and Artistic Expansion

Mike Sniper started the indie label Captured Tracks in 2008, working nights out of the basement of Williamsburg’s Academy Records, which he helped run during the day. Within a year, he’d be putting out a constant stream of new releases. Although 2009 was an especially rocky year for the global economy, that didn’t slow things […]

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Reinventing The Album: Keeping Releases Relevant in The 21st Century

These days when listeners do buy music, it’s predominantly in the form of ones and zeros on a hard drive or a broadband stream. It was just this past year that paid digital downloads finally surpassed CDs as the most popular consumer format, but to put it that way only tells part of the story. […]

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Tales of the Tape: Cassette Culture in the Digital Age

"Restraint" from Seattle band Orca Team, on Cassingle and Loving It

This is a post by associate editor Blake Madden. In his book The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, psychologist Barry Schwartz slaps us with a provocative theory: The modern consumer’s unlimited freedom of choice is actually a burden that leads to anxiety and unhappiness. Schwartz isn’t culling ideas from Orwell’s 1984, but from […]

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An Appreciation: Grizzly Bear’s Shields

More than once in my life, I have been called a “hater”. That is only half-fair. It’s true that once I find out which direction the bandwagon is headed, I run the other way, but I prefer the term contrarian. “Hater,” to me, implies an impulse toward negativity with no end goal. I am less […]

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Scientist and SonicScoop Launch New Podcast Series, “InputOutput”

Click Here to Subscribe to InputOutput Podcast for FREE on iTunes. Want to take Scientist with you on the go, but hate walking into lamp posts? Like words, but think reading is for four-eyes? We have you covered. This month we’re happy to announce that Trust Me, I’m a Scientist is launching an all-new podcast […]

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True Indie Labels: Frenchkiss Records


Just as the major labels began their decade-long downward spiral, NYC’s Frenchkiss Records began growing. Today, they’re a sustainable and influential indie rock label, and in an age when seemingly home-brewed labels are often just boutique imprints for giant conglomerates, Frenchkiss Records staunchly remains a true independent. “Frenchkiss is definitely my baby,” label owner and […]

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The Problem With Year-End Lists (And: Favorite Records Of Fall 2011)

Each season, we ask a small handful of our favorite musicians to look back and nominate one new album that best cut through the noise and resonated with them. Admittedly, this is out-of-step with the way things work at most music magazines, and I imagine many new readers may be surprised to find us publishing […]

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Record Release Roundup: Highlights from a Hazy Summer

Last Photo From A Roll Shot at Coney Island, Brooklyn

When we set out to gather highlights from some of the best releases from the summer of 2011, we  asked for recommendations from the most hype-resistant breed of all: other musicians. Read on for their personal nominations. The Landscape The summer of 2011 was a hazy one as far as music production is concerned. Many […]

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Record Release Roundup: Spring 2011

Every day, I listen to new releases to help you filter through the noise and uncover music captures the imagination. Here are twelve of the most interesting, important, or downright good Spring ’11 releases you may have missed. 1. Booker T.  Jones – The Road From Memphis From 1962 to 1970, Booker T. served as […]

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Behind the Release: The Book of Knots “Garden of Fainting Stars”

THE SOUND: When told you’re about to hear a “Producer’s album,” it’s easy to imagine something like a finely-honed Swiss watch. The last thing to expect might be The Book of Knots’ critically acclaimed 2007 release, Traineater, a crumbling, over-wound, “endlessly clacking cuckoo-clock”- to borrow the words of Joel Hamilton, the Brooklyn-based producer/engineer who is […]

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