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Inside WNYC & WQXR’s Jerome L. Greene Performance Space

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, with its huge street-level windows, is fittingly public for a venue that’s run by New York Public Radio. Looking at the Greene Space from the street, you’re treated to a view straight into the heart of this 1,800-square-foot theater, making each show something of an open exhibition. Read more […]

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Recording Retreats: Pilot Recording Studios, Berkshire County in Western MA

Until 2007, Will Schillinger’s Pilot Recording Studios operated out of Chelsea, a now-gentrified New York City neighborhood that sits just below Hell’s Kitchen and the old Garment District. It closed after many other big Manhattan studio did. Today, the new Pilot Recording occupies a beautiful old church building in Housatonic, Massachusetts – a small town […]

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Local Recording Scenes: Machines with Magnets Attracts NYC Musicians to Providence, RI


About 5 minutes outside of the center of Providence, Rhode Island, there’s an old industrial mill town called Pawtucket. In the past decade it’s turned into a local center for arts, culture, and rock n’ roll. Local Venue/Recording Studio/Art Gallery, Machines with Magnets has become something of a destination. Read more about Machines with Magnets […]

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New Studio Review: Strange Weather, Brooklyn

Generally, I try to stay objective when I write about new studios. But when it comes to East Williamsburg’s Strange Weather recording, I just wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I neglected to mention that it’s one of my favorite studios in New York. By extension, I suppose that makes it among my favorite recording rooms […]

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New Studio Alert: Room 17 in Bushwick, Brooklyn

When Adam Lasus decided to partner up with Joe Rogers and Scott Porter at the new Room 17 in Brooklyn, it was something of a homecoming. Until high rents and new opportunities convinced him and his wife to move to LA in 2006, Lasus had run his Fireproof Recording Studio Ghostbusters-style, out of a converted 19th century firehouse in Red […]

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Recording Studio Retreats – Spring 2013

Bustling cities like New York, L.A., San Francisco and Nashville may boast more recording studios per square foot than just about anywhere else on earth. With such high concentrations of talented professionals, it’s not surprising that so many commercial records are made, at least in part, inside of one of these major markets. Then there’s […]

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Studio Tours: Dungeon Beach and Red Rock Recording

Red Rock Control Room

  Head over to SonicScoop to see two of our latest studio tours: Dungeon Beach, a new audio/video post house and 5.1 mix suite in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and Red Rock Recording, a 35-year veteran studio that embraces digital mixing while retaining old-school straight-to-two-track values.

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Acoustic Treatment for the Small Studio

As high-quality audio gear becomes ever more affordable, software emulations nip at the heels of some of the most coveted audio hardware, and much of the basic knowledge of the audio field becomes widely disseminated through the web, professional studios still offer more than a few major benefits. The first among them is the skill […]

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Should Recording Studios Advertise Their Rates? (And How Much Should They Charge?)

One of the most common questions I get from new studio owners is whether or not they should advertise their rates on their websites. I’ve visited, worked at, and written about a lot of recording studios over the years and there seems to be no standard answer to this question. But in this issue of […]

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Music Spaces Hit Hard By Sandy – Here’s How You Can Help


Music community spaces including WFMU, The South Sound, Norton Records, New Amsterdam Records and Tape Kitchen were devastated by hurricane Sandy last week. Find out what you can do to help. When Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard last week, it brought with it 90-mph winds, 40-foot high waves, and in some areas, 15 inches […]

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