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NYC Studio Tour: North Brooklyn Part IV

In this 9th edition of the Brooklyn Studio Tour, we return to the Northside to visit the quintessential Brooklyn tracking and mixing room: Studio G . We also visit a pair of its most successful offshoots and a synth-head’s paradise near Kent Ave. Click here to take the studio tour on SonicScoop.

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Before The Storm: South Sound, Translator Audio and The Civil Defense

South Sound has just been decimated by hurricane Sandy. See what it looked like during it’s grand opening party, mere weeks before the storm. From The original article, October 18th 2012: Over the past ten or fifteen years, we’ve witnessed the indelible rise of a Do-It-Yourself ethos in the music industry. But for all the benefits of […]

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New Studio Openings: Degraw Sound in Gowanus, Brooklyn


When we last checked in with producer/engineer Ben Rice, he was working out of a “glorified home studio” called Newkirk Recording, where he tracked indie rock bands like The Mooney Suzuki, as well as an assortment of aspiring singer-songwriters and small jazz groups. Since then, business has been brisk enough that Rice has decided to […]

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DFA Studios Opens Its Doors To Outsiders

DFA Studios, the house that LCD Soundsystem built, is now open to the public. This month, DFA Studios opens its doors to the outsiders for the first time. It’s a big change for the space, which is located near the upper limits of New York City’s West Village. For years, it had been a private […]

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Central Brooklyn Recording Studio Tour, Part III: DUMBO

Atlantic Sound Studios I had every reason to expect a good view when I walked in to Atlantic Sound Studios. It’s in a highrise commercial building at the end of Jay Street in DUMBO, only footsteps away from the water. I had seen pictures of the studio online, gathered that its windows overlooked the river, […]

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South Brooklyn Recording Studios, Featuring Systems Two

Systems Two Recording Studio

Join us as we continue our tour of Brooklyn’s busiest recording studios for SonicScoop. In this installment, learn where living legends of jazz and metal record their masterpieces, and find some surprisingly affordable production spaces south of Prospect Park. SYSTEMS TWO Kensington, Brooklyn Contact: [email protected] | (718) 851-1010 Call For Rates Systems Two doesn’t have […]

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LoHo Recording Studios – Blue Men, Living Legends, and Weekend Warriors

Loho Studios has lived two lives. From 1983-2007 it evolved from a downtown rehearsal space to a world-class recording studio, hosting living legends like Willie Nelson, Patty Smith, Joan Jett, Yo La Tengo, Art Garfunkel and Joey Ramone. Following this 25-year run it disappeared from the market completely, presumably moth-balled or auctioned off in pieces […]

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NYC Studio Tour: Queens Recording Studios, Part I

KAS Music and Sound Studio A

The studio scene in Queens is often overlooked, but perhaps not for much longer. Long Island City is home to a burgeoning musical community, while Astoria has been the home of one of NYC’s busiest production facilities since 1921. Today we take you for a tour of a few of the most active studios in […]

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Studio Tour: Recording Retreats

The bustle and heat of this city can spark new collaborations and ignites our creative fires. But with the sweltering summer months upon us, we sometimes find that the very elements that attract us to this teeming city begin to repel us away. City bands retreating to the countryside to work through the creative process […]

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NYC Studio Tour: North Brooklyn, Part III

NORTH BROOKLYN: As a correspondent for SonicScoop, I visit a wide array of Brooklyn recording studios. This installment features one of North Brooklyn’s most impressive new build-outs, as well as a studio that may be among the area’s oldest, and rootsiest. — EXCELLO RECORDING East Williamsburg Contact for Rates Studio owner Hugh Pool is […]

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