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In Defense of the Laptop Record

Kyle Joseph makes the case for why audio professionals should encourage—not discourage—new artists who want to make recordings on their laptops. Click here to read the story on SonicScoop.

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Recreating Bird: Returning to Detroit’s Legendary “United Sound Systems” Recording Studio

Ron Skinner of TQM Recording Co. visits a recently renovated Detroit recording studio that was almost lost to time. His goal: To faithfully recreate a seminal recording made there, using today’s technology and tools. Before closing, the studio played host to countless artists from John Lee Hooker to Jackie Wilson, Bob Seger to MC5, The […]

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Music in 5.1 Dimensions: How the Best Surround Mixers Approach the Soundstage


Surround sound made its first public appearance in 1941, when Disney released its groundbreaking animated musical, Fantasia. Ever since then, surround systems have increasingly been used to enhance the emotional impact of films (which George Lucas has famously, and accurately, declared are “50% sound.”) In the mid 1990s, a small but meaningful mass market for […]

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NYC Indie Labels: Captured Tracks — Instinct, Intellect, and Artistic Expansion

Mike Sniper started the indie label Captured Tracks in 2008, working nights out of the basement of Williamsburg’s Academy Records, which he helped run during the day. Within a year, he’d be putting out a constant stream of new releases. Although 2009 was an especially rocky year for the global economy, that didn’t slow things […]

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Inside WNYC & WQXR’s Jerome L. Greene Performance Space

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, with its huge street-level windows, is fittingly public for a venue that’s run by New York Public Radio. Looking at the Greene Space from the street, you’re treated to a view straight into the heart of this 1,800-square-foot theater, making each show something of an open exhibition. Read more […]

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Recording Retreats: Pilot Recording Studios, Berkshire County in Western MA

Until 2007, Will Schillinger’s Pilot Recording Studios operated out of Chelsea, a now-gentrified New York City neighborhood that sits just below Hell’s Kitchen and the old Garment District. It closed after many other big Manhattan studio did. Today, the new Pilot Recording occupies a beautiful old church building in Housatonic, Massachusetts – a small town […]

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Recording Drums, Part II: Close Mic Techniques

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.41.50 AM

Welcome back for Part 2 of our new drum mic video series. Fire up a good pair of speakers or headphones and switch your video stream to HD: This time, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular approaches for close mic’ing drums. This video was filmed at Strange Weather Brooklyn by Elias […]

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The Independent Musician’s Guide to Not Going Broke

Q: What does a musician do when he wins a million dollars? A: Keeps playing gigs until the money runs out. Musicians, producers and engineers often face tough career propositions. Here’s how to avoid losing your shirt – in good times and in bad. With a little bit of intelligent planning, you might even come […]

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Join “Scientist” Editor Justin Colletti at the 2013 AES Convention in NYC

It’s time for the AES convention—our favorite audio conference of the year. Once again, we’ll be hosting the Platinum Engineers Panel. Be there Friday, October 18, 2013. This special event is complementary with a free “exhibits plus” pass. Sign up to get yours by 5pm Tuesday, October 15. This time, our special guests include Chris […]

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Local Recording Scenes: Machines with Magnets Attracts NYC Musicians to Providence, RI


About 5 minutes outside of the center of Providence, Rhode Island, there’s an old industrial mill town called Pawtucket. In the past decade it’s turned into a local center for arts, culture, and rock n’ roll. Local Venue/Recording Studio/Art Gallery, Machines with Magnets has become something of a destination. Read more about Machines with Magnets […]

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