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Make Your Own Gear: An Introduction to DIY Recording Equipment

A few years, ago Peterson Goodwyn of was living in Milwaukee, WI, perhaps an unlikely place to pursue his dream of becoming a recording engineer. Today, he’s putting out easy, introductory-level DIY audio kits, and runs one of the most comprehensive databases of open source DIY kits on the web. Read more about […]

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Why (Almost) Everything You Thought You Knew About Bit Depth Is Probably Wrong

A lot of competent audio engineers working in the field today have some real misconceptions and gaps in their knowledge around digital audio. Not a month goes by that I don’t encounter an otherwise capable music professional who makes simple errors about all sorts of basic digital audio principles – The very kinds of fundamental […]

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NYC Indie Labels: Kanine Records

It’s been ten years since Lio and Kay Kanine put out their first release: a compilation of 20 undiscovered bands, most of them from Brooklyn, titled NY: The Next Wave. Lio Kanine (then known by his real name, Lio Cerezo) had landed a job with the indie distributor Alternative Distribution Alliance not long after moving […]

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Unpaid Intern Lawsuits: What Every Studio Owner Should Know

By now, many studio owners have probably heard about the rise of class action lawsuits against businesses that rely on illegal unpaid internships. In late 2012, Charlie Rose’s for-profit production company was the first to settle such a claim, paying out $250,000 in back minimum wages that it had failed to pay its entry-level workers. […]

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Audio School: Boutique Recording Programs and Workshops

Back when I entered the audio program at SUNY Purchase around the turn of the millennium, a bachelor’s degree in “Studio Production” still seemed like something of a novel concept. Since then, enrollments for both 4-year and short-term programs in this once-niche market appear to have exploded nationwide. Occasionally, engineers will gripe about the numbers […]

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Beyond The Basics: Sidechain Compression

If you read SonicScoop, chances are you already know a thing or two about compressors. You’re probably already familiar with basic controls like your threshold, which allows you to set the point at which a compressor “kicks in”, and your ratio, which allows you to adjust the amount of compression you’ll get. Early on into […]

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The Anatomy of a Studio Guitar

Guitars, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Also much like people, when you look beneath the surface, they’re all made of the same stuff: In this case, wood, metal, plastic and curves. For all the bewildering variation you may encounter in the wide world of guitars, there are but a manageable handful […]

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Beyond the Basics: Harmonic Motion and the Root of All Music

Music is a rare kind of art form that is made entirely out of vibration. It’s at once both ephemeral and yet inherently physical. We will never be able to reach out and grab it in our hands, but it certainly touches us in the most literal sense of that word. If you’re feeling poetic, […]

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Taking Control of Your Music Online

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend watched her laptop’s screen in horror, as a complete stranger began uploading her entire concert from the night before onto YouTube. She hadn’t seen this unknown cameraman, filming from the middle of the audience with a shaky, low-res cell-phone camera and capturing every moment: The mistakes, the […]

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New Studio Alert: Room 17 in Bushwick, Brooklyn

When Adam Lasus decided to partner up with Joe Rogers and Scott Porter at the new Room 17 in Brooklyn, it was something of a homecoming. Until high rents and new opportunities convinced him and his wife to move to LA in 2006, Lasus had run his Fireproof Recording Studio Ghostbusters-style, out of a converted 19th century firehouse in Red […]

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