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In Defense of the Laptop Record

Kyle Joseph makes the case for why audio professionals should encourage—not discourage—new artists who want to make recordings on their laptops. Click here to read the story on SonicScoop.

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Music in 5.1 Dimensions: How the Best Surround Mixers Approach the Soundstage


Surround sound made its first public appearance in 1941, when Disney released its groundbreaking animated musical, Fantasia. Ever since then, surround systems have increasingly been used to enhance the emotional impact of films (which George Lucas has famously, and accurately, declared are “50% sound.”) In the mid 1990s, a small but meaningful mass market for […]

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Inside WNYC & WQXR’s Jerome L. Greene Performance Space

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, with its huge street-level windows, is fittingly public for a venue that’s run by New York Public Radio. Looking at the Greene Space from the street, you’re treated to a view straight into the heart of this 1,800-square-foot theater, making each show something of an open exhibition. Read more […]

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Live Venue View: Barbés – Music that Breaks Boundaries

Barbés is a rare kind of venue where you can walk through the door on almost any evening, expect to hear a band that you’ve never heard of before, and practically without fail, that band will be amazing. Learn more about what makes Barbés tick on SonicScoop.  

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The Uninsured Musician’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act

As many as 43% of artists and musicians in the US currently lack health insurance. This is about 2.5x higher than the average national rate. We’ve taken a look at the new prices and policies, and how they affect musicians and freelancers, in what has become one of our most popular articles of the year. […]

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Op-Ed: Spotify Payouts Revisited – How Much Does it Pay Now and How Much Should Artists Demand?

Spotify made big news again in mid-July when producer Nigel Godrich and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke pulled their music from the streaming service. Their move was not without precedent. Just a few months earlier, Jeremy DeVine, head of the indie record label Temporary Residence Ltd, came on to our InputOutput podcast to discuss his plans to […]

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Unpaid Intern Lawsuits: What Every Studio Owner Should Know

By now, many studio owners have probably heard about the rise of class action lawsuits against businesses that rely on illegal unpaid internships. In late 2012, Charlie Rose’s for-profit production company was the first to settle such a claim, paying out $250,000 in back minimum wages that it had failed to pay its entry-level workers. […]

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The Best Noise Reduction Plugins on the Market

The best way to deal with a troublesome noise is to avoid recording it in the first place. In a controlled environment, like a recording studio or a film set, you’re blessed with a quiet space, clean power and revealing monitors, so that isn’t too difficult to do. But these days, for better and for […]

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InputOutput Podcast Audio Gear Review: Brainworx bx_rockrack

  Hosts Geoff and Eli review bx_RockRack, the new amp simulator plugin from Brainworx. Join them for an in-depth audio tour of the plugin with help from guitarist Robbie “Seahag” Mangano. How does it sound? How does stack up against what’s already out there? And how does Brainworx’ proprietary plugin authorization system compare to the current […]

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Does Spotify Work For Independent Artists? An Interview with Jeremy deVine of Temporary Residence

Click here to subscribe to Input|Output for free on iTunes. (And if you like what you hear, please take a moment to share your review!) You can also follow our new feeds on Facebook and Twitter. Input|Output hosts Geoff and Eli filter out all the noise in this new three-part series on artists rights and […]

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