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EQ Tips From The Pros

Joe Barresi 300

Contributor Michael Duncan share sounds advice from Joe Barresi, Rick Kwan, Heba Kadry, Abe Seiferth, Andrew Maury, James Saéz and Dan Korneff. Check it out on sister site SonicScoop

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The Best Electric Basses for the Recording Studio

It’s hard to make a great pop song without a great bass line, and it’s hard to do a great bass line justice without a great bass sound. The bass often serves as the soul and the spine of a record, and if it’s not right, nothing is. Although the vast majority of tone lies […]

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Review: IK Multimedia iLoud

Audio technology has become less expensive, more transparent, more powerful and more portable. Perhaps it’s about time that consumer-focused systems started to catch up with professional ones. The new iLoud by IK Multimedia ($299) is one attempt to bring studio-quality sound to consumers, musicians and hobbyists while providing features that are relevant to many of […]

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2013 New Audio Gear Reviews!

Avid S6 In person

This year, you’ve got not one but two ways to check out an overview of all the best new recording, mixing and audio gear from 2013. First, peruse a list of highlights from the 2013 AES convention in NYC. Then, join Geoff and Eli of the Input Output Podcast as they go in depth on […]

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Make Your Own Gear: An Introduction to DIY Recording Equipment

A few years, ago Peterson Goodwyn of was living in Milwaukee, WI, perhaps an unlikely place to pursue his dream of becoming a recording engineer. Today, he’s putting out easy, introductory-level DIY audio kits, and runs one of the most comprehensive databases of open source DIY kits on the web. Read more about […]

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Why (Almost) Everything You Thought You Knew About Bit Depth Is Probably Wrong

A lot of competent audio engineers working in the field today have some real misconceptions and gaps in their knowledge around digital audio. Not a month goes by that I don’t encounter an otherwise capable music professional who makes simple errors about all sorts of basic digital audio principles – The very kinds of fundamental […]

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AAX and Pro Tools 11: Which Plugins are Compatible and Which Aren’t

Pro Tools 11 is out now, and some users are already adopting early. However, one concern with the new platform is that some plugin developers have not yet ported their software over to PT 11?s new second generation AAX protocol, which runs now at 64-bits. As of press time, a huge number of major plugins […]

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New Studio Review: Strange Weather, Brooklyn

Generally, I try to stay objective when I write about new studios. But when it comes to East Williamsburg’s Strange Weather recording, I just wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I neglected to mention that it’s one of my favorite studios in New York. By extension, I suppose that makes it among my favorite recording rooms […]

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Taking Control of Your Music Online

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend watched her laptop’s screen in horror, as a complete stranger began uploading her entire concert from the night before onto YouTube. She hadn’t seen this unknown cameraman, filming from the middle of the audience with a shaky, low-res cell-phone camera and capturing every moment: The mistakes, the […]

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New Studio Alert: Room 17 in Bushwick, Brooklyn

When Adam Lasus decided to partner up with Joe Rogers and Scott Porter at the new Room 17 in Brooklyn, it was something of a homecoming. Until high rents and new opportunities convinced him and his wife to move to LA in 2006, Lasus had run his Fireproof Recording Studio Ghostbusters-style, out of a converted 19th century firehouse in Red […]

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